Sunday, December 30, 2018

Last Year and Last Election Voted Percentages

From left to right: Last Year Voted Percentages from the 2018 WA VRDB for 2018, 2016, and NULL (e.g. Never Voted)

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Age and Turnout in WA GE 2018


For Whatcom County and the state as a whole, age bins under 40 (with few exceptions) continue to  chose to let late GenX, Boomers and Postwar generations decide political realities. However, Whatcom County shows much greater youth participation than WA State as a whole. Furthermore, migratory patterns of youth voters suggest that housing stability or "a stable residence address" my be a strong determinant in youth voting patterns.
Whatcom County had 77% turnout of registered voters which was 5% points higher than the state average. Whatcom County also had higher turnout for Millennial and GenX age bins. Left axis is votes, bottom axis represents age bins, top and right axis represents turnout percentage per age bin as delineated by the blue line. For all of WA State, see charts below the break. Click to enlarge the charts.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Posteriors: That 42nd LD Race

The WA 42nd LD races this year can be described as bittersweet for the Democratic Party.  On the one hand, these three races were as close as the Democrats have come to Republican totals since 2010 when Kelli Linville and Al Jensen both lost close races to Jason Overstreet and Vincent Buys. In 2012, 2014 and 2016, the Democrats were shut out of the 42nd despite often ferocious and relatively expensive campaigns. Note that these numbers for this post are pre-recount totals.  The recount changed little. -RMF 11:05 AM 12/7/2018

But this year,  one narrow (981 votes) victory for Sharon Shoemake sends a lonely Whatcom Democrat to Olympia matched with Republicans Doug Ericksen and Luanne VanWerven. The Ericksen(R)/Vargas(D) contested State Senate seat which was lost by 46 votes is particularly poignant. All the more so since Pos. 2 winner Sharon Shewmake(D) had aggregated contributions and independent expenditures that were only 30% of the same for losing Senate candidate Pinky Vargas(D). Campaign expenditures were a comparatively minimal $48K for the losing Pos. 1 candidate Justin Boneau(D). Mr. Boneau lost by only 80 votes to Luanne VanWerven(R):

Friday, November 30, 2018

Recount underway for LD 42nd

The hand recount is underway for the 42nd LD. "Final" certified results are here. A chart of the November 27th "final" (before recount) results is below as is a chart of all Whatcom County Results .Wide screen will be best for the second all county chart. Click to enlarge the charts.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tuesday 11/26/2018 Certified Matchbacks for LD 42 and Whatcom County

Ahead of today's WM 3:00 PM final certified results, below the break are this mornings certified matchbacks.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

One of these All County races was not like the others...

Click to enlarge. The all Democrat Erb vs. Richey Prosecutor's race defied red vs blue precinct patterns.
Analysis currently under construction, but  more charts below. Note that my data is precinct derived from 11/20/2018 and will need to be updated after certification. Also two precincts (269, 271) are 'protected' due to low participation for the Senate and County race, My totals don't reflect those precinct contributions.  Requires wide screen. Click to enlarge the charts.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday 11/19/2018 Matchbacks for LD 42 and Whatcom County

Only 150 signature issues remain to be cured in LD 42 as of 11/19/2018.  That is remarkable.
I list the signature issues remaining in LD 42 by precinct 'series' and by precinct 'decade' + residence city below the break. This post will require a wide screen.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

GE 2018 Results: The 163x Initiative Measures

As of 11/18/2018 enough results have been returned to reasonably assess the WA state county results. Below are lattice graphs and a table for WA  GE 2018 Initiative Measures labelled by 163x ranked by county. These initiative measures were:
  • 1639 Gun Control
  • 1634 Anti Grocery tax
  • 1631 Pro Carbon Tax
The top 5 counties have such larger populations than the lesser 34 that concurrent display of different volumes obscures vote patterns. I segregate the county results in four different aggregated charts as labeled below. For each county, the three rows signify  'Yes' votes for  1639,1634 and 1631, ordered from top to bottom.   Subjectively, a pattern of 1634 (red middle bar) extending beyond 1639 (top blue bar) and 1631 (bottom blue bar) would indicate a conservative vote. Subjectively, the inverse would indicate a liberal vote.  For example, in the chart below, both San Juan and Jefferson have a more "liberal profile" than either "conservative" Walla Walla or Lewis County. In reality, these are second amendment, environmentalist, and sales tax issues such that any number of mixed votes might inhabit a largely independent or non-partisan voting populace as is much of WA state. All of the counties are backed off (left) the origin (0) an equal amount to make the smaller counties seem more visible. Click to enlarge the graphs.
Liberal vs. Conservative samples

Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday 11/16/2018 Matchbacks for LD 42 and Whatcom County

This is our last dance
This is ourselves under pressure
Under pressure
David Bowie from "Under Pressure"

I have heard from third party reports of those who attended the Friday Canvassing Board meeting that the Auditor wants the rest of the challenged ballots in ASAP. This  week, Thursday and Friday are the Thanksgiving Holiday. Certification is Tuesday November 27th. Check to make sure your ballot has been accepted for tabulation and/or call Elections and/or talk with your political parties. Additionally, if the Auditor/Elections has sent you any mail or left phone messages, make sure to respond ASAP.  Matchback reports below the break.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

News links for the Great Misdelivered/Undelivered, Three County Ballot Scandal....

This year I covered the four county area (SK,SJ,WM,IS) because of the pertaining appellate judicial race. In the middle of the election a "ballot scandal" developed. I think all three counties most affected recovered. Skagit is having a slow count because of a "folded ballot" issue. When SK ballots are counted, they should join the 75% turnout club as well. Here is where those four counties stand as of the evening of  11/14/2018: From

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Friday and Tuesday matchbacks for LD42

No results different than Friday tonight for Whatcom County. Friday and Tuesday's matchbacks for LD 42 are compared below.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Did You Cure Your Challenged Ballot? The Close Vote in the 42nd LD!

WA Voters will have cast over 3.1M votes by the end of next week, simply one of the most fabulous mid term elections in WA history. In Whatcom County, we have already counted more votes than any other election in our history save GE 2016!  But there is always a dark side: The larger the vote, the larger the volume of challenged ballots! Most people probably don't check after casting their vote by mail (or dropbox) ballot in WA State and they really should. Because many thousands statewide every election have their ballots challenged and many don't receive any cures! It is hard to get an accurate number for this without looking at every county matchback, so let us examine Whatcom County's matchback for VBMReturnStatus and VBMReturnChallenge for 11/13/2018 in LD 42:

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Four Rs and Four Ds in GE2018

Below are Cantwell, Vargas, Shewmake, Boneau (blue overlapped)  vs. Hutchison, Ericksen, Buys, VanWerven (red overlapped) for GE 2018 as of 11/08/2016 results. Bottom chart has Clinton+Stein vs. Trump+Johnson overlays. Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

WA State Projections for CD, LD, County: 11/06/2018

Terrain (light green) colored areas here generally have less than 66 votes returned per precinct after  (11.06.2018) of the WA state midterm election.  However, turnout buckets for Kitsap are incorrect on this map along with some other precincts due to some 2016/2017/2018 precinct merge issues.  For more updated news on turnout see

Over 39M have early voted in the 2018 GE as of the evening of 11/05/2018 according to Michael McDonald at the U.S. Election Project.  This morning the latest WA data came in taking WA turnout over 2.3M votes. My latest projections show Schrier just ahead of Rossi in CD 8. I also show R's winning CDs 3 - 5 handily. And unlike the reported polls for CD five (McMorris-Rodgers vs Brown), my current CD 5 projections aren't even close. What's weird about Nate Silver's 538 collection of polls for CD 8 and other WA CDs: They are widely disparate depending on the pollster!My projections are really straightforward:

sum of   ( Clinton+Stein/ (Clinton+Stein+Trump+Johnson) * (Votes Good/Precinct) )

I make no attempt to deal with changed precincts or districts between 2016 and 2018 although there have been no County, CD , LD district changes in WA since 2010 of which I am aware. There have been plenty of precinct changes in many WA counties. So in many ways, if my projection of the GE2016 contest upon current races has any value, it is update us on who has voted more at this hour. More projections below the break. 

The Ballot Statistics page is always one morning ahead of the state wide matchback data. Statewide 2,305,405 good ballots have been returned as of 11.06.2018.  The Ballot Status data is responsible for my projections. I have that data currently showing 2,234,777.


   CD  Total      D      R
 1:  1 241150 132194 105033
 2:  2 222155 134088  87683
 3:  3 238541 100594 124864 #Long(D) vs. Herrera Beutler(R)
 4:  4 165799  57961 106644
 5:  5 226772  90361 130435 #Brown(D) and McMorris Rodgers(R)
 6:  6 221468 117469  99678
 7:  7 298565 247066  45399
 8:  8 234791 114097 115203 #Schrier(D) and Rossi(R)
 9:  9 202915 144438  53457
10: 10 182621  97888  81931

Monday, October 29, 2018

Precinct and County Participation Maps: 11/05/2018

WA Counties Turnout for 11/05/2018: 4:00PM Click to enlarge the chart.

I will update this post with fresh data daily through the remaining election period. - RMF 11/05/2018 7:00 PM.

Ballot Statistics as of 11.05.2018 4:00PM show 1.9M ballots returned. This is a fairly blistering state-wide 44.9% turnout rate. However, there is a wide range to county turnout currently stretching from 36.6% to 66.30%.  Among counties with voter populations over 50K, Clallam, Whatcom, Island and Spokane county stand out for their turnout.  If you have not yet received a ballot, you should call your local Elections office immediatelyYou should also vote early, check  and check "Ballot Status" box after voting. The magic phrase you want to see is "Your ballot has been accepted for tabulation." That means you are good to go!  
The Ballot Statistics page is always one morning ahead of the state wide matchback data. Currently, (11.05.2018), we are 0 days from the election. Statewide 1,937,253  good ballots have been returned as of 11.05.2018 4:00 PM.  The Ballot Status data is responsible for my projections. I have that data from 11.05.2018 data currently showing about 1,881,846.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

11/06/2018 Matchbacks and Projections GE2018 for WM, SK, IS, SJ

Click to enlarge the Map. For more on this data please see

This post gives GE 2018 ballot statistics and election projections for the "four county area": (WM,SK,IS,SJ) and their CD, LD districts.  I am using a GE 2016  Clinton+Stein projection of precincts as the base for my projections due to wide scale national expectations of an unexpectedly large midterm turnout. My method will probably result in a gross approximation of outcomes. I am using no private voter files, no latent classes, no individual profiling, just precinct percentages.

The Ballot Statistics page is always one morning ahead of the state wide matchback data. Currently, (11.06.2018), we are 1 day from the election. Statewide 2,305,405 good ballots have been returned as of 11.06.2018.  The Ballot Status data is responsible for my projections. I have that data currently showing about 2,234,777.

Monday, October 15, 2018

How GE2018 Could Play out in WM,SK,SJ,IS. Part I: The Districts

Post under Construction. Last update: 9:48 AM 10/16/2018 . This post is best seen on a wide screen desktop.-RMF

In the table below, we can see combined GE 2016 results for Clinton+Stein (CS) or Trump+Johnson (TJ) and Primary 2018 results for MariaCantwell (MC) or SusanHutchison (SH). Skagit 10 (light blue), Whatcom 42-2 (dark blue) and 40th LD (yellow) are critical for Democrat success in the four county area. In reality, only WM 40-2, WM 42-2, SK 40-1 and SJ 40-2 are sure bets for 'blue' in a heavy turnout GE.  This makes LD 40  + WM 42-2 (North Bellingham) the liberal anchors in a four county area that could turn red with a stronger Republican turnout. This helps put the "double Mike P." strategy in perspective. Petrish and Peetoom can't really beat Lekanoff and Frazey, but they can help Seguine (R) beat Hazelrigg-Hernandez (D) and also help the 42LD Rs in their customary cruise over the 42LD Ds. No votes can be taken for granted in this year's four county election that mostly pits middle-aged Republican men versus progressive Democratic women. The primary went mostly to the Democrats in Whatcom County. However, turnout is likely to resemble GE 2016 this November due to the new stampless ballot and an unruly, "hyper energized" electorate now chafing at their electoral bits nationwide!  Let the balloting begin!

    CD LD County    CS    TJ    MC    SH   StatusGE  StatusPRI
 1:  1 42     WM 21683 30582 11763 11655  Light Red Light Blue
 2:  2 10     IS 21767 20784 13552  7612 Light Blue  Dark Blue
 3:  2 40     WM 25079  8355 12810  2997  Dark Blue  Dark Blue
 4:  2 42     WM 14828  5266  8181  1742  Dark Blue  Dark Blue
 5:  2 40     SK  9925  8994  6013  3135 Light Blue  Dark Blue
 6:  2 40     SJ  7639  3090  4780  1197  Dark Blue  Dark Blue
 7:  2 10     SK  4843  4592  2913  1749 Light Blue  Dark Blue
 8:  1 10     SK  3909  3704  2270  1295 Light Blue  Dark Blue
 9:  1 40     SK  4129  3354  1862   935 Light Blue  Dark Blue
10:  2 39     SK  2547  3637  1385  1074  Light Red Light Blue
11:  1 39     SK  2283  3441  1374  1046   Dark Red Light Blue
12:  1 40     WM  1487  1117   811   474 Light Blue  Dark Blue

In the charts below, black lines are Congressional Districts (CD1 & CD2). Red lines are Legislative Districts 10, 39, 40,  & 42.  Blue scale for precincts is the Clinton+Stein percentage. Note that Clinton+Stein vs. Trump+Johnson doesn't give us the complete picture for GE 2016 since there were so many (un-tabulated) write-ins presumably for Bernie.  For more data, please see 'Notes' far below. Click to enlarge the charts!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Election URLs and Links

GE 2018 Election URLs and Links

These are some sites useful for the November 6th, 2018 General Election in Whatcom County and the four county area of Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan counties.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Summed Voting histories for the four county area (WM,SK,IS,SJ)

For the four county area (WM,SK,IS,SJ), we have the following totals for Primary 2018 for the August VRDB:

[1] 128303 # Active and Voted
[1] 154465 # Active and Not Voted

I sum the voting histories (per voter) of each of these groups below. Note that the Voted vs. Not Voted charts are approximately 2x in scale.  This post will probably need a wide screen.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Metrics and Charts for Mail-in vs. DropBox by WA County for 2017 and 2018

The chart immediately below represents a comparison of mail in ballots for Pri2018 , Pri2017, GE2017 for the top 10 WA counties excluding King which is shown far below. This data is from the state's election reconciliation reports.  In a previous post on Gender and the Vote I discuss groups of voters by their recent voting history.  Here, I look simply at two ballot return methods (Mail-in vs. DropBox) to help determine if the new "stampless ballot" is enticing new and old populations to vote more than usual. Note that it may be difficult to separate voter motives and habits by ballot return methodologies. But the long purple bars of PRI2018 in chart below, bars that outstretch both PRI2017(blue) and GE2017(red), indicate mail-in balloting is big hit. Click to enlarge Charts.

Mail-in Totals for Top Ten Counties

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Charts from 4 County (IS,SK,SJ,WM) Area

Charts from GE2016 and PRI2018 results from the four county area:
  • Island
  • Skagit
  • San Juan
  • Whatcom

Monday, September 17, 2018

Ballots have Dropped... Should be in your mailbox soon.

This October 8th deadline for online voter registration has now passed. If your address is not current @ please call your local elections office to see how you can still vote in the November 6th election. For election offices in the  four county area, please see  these links for Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan counties.  The 18 day election period starts today October 19th and runs until the November 6th general election.  You should have received your voter's pamphlet by now. Check your voter registration if you have not.  Some important election deadlines and information for voters are below:
This is the new "stampless ballot". Drop boxes for Whatcom County can be found here. The WA Dems produced a drop box map for all of WA here. These deadlines and other information can be seen at  (Whatcom County) and at (WA SOS).  In general, WA requires registration at a specific address 29 days before the election. New laws take effect in June of 2019. See RCW 29A.08.140 @  For further questions about your registration status in Whatcom County, please visit or contact Whatcom County Elections. For election offices in the  four county area, please see  these links for Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan counties. More numbers and details after the break...

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Advice for PCOs and volunteers seeking data and instructions

If you are a PCO (Precinct Committee Officer) or campaign volunteer, probably the best place to seek data and marching orders for the 2018 midterms is your local county or state party headquarters. If you are in Whatcom County, contact either:
If you are not in Whatcom County, try to find your local party headquarters for your county. You could also visit the State Party sites:
This blog is an independent site with no party alliances. Although I worked with the Democratic Party for 2017, I have not been a member since November 2017. The data on this page is essentially non-partisan. If you are a candidate and/or data professional looking for data sources outside your party's data you can try some of the links I have posted here:

Unless, you are a data professional, it is probably not a good idea to second guess your party's instructions.  If you wish to support your party during the election period, now is a probably good time to commit to that support, seek training, get to know your party, etc. This support usually includes: canvassing precincts, making donations, phone calling, stapling flyers, etc. It is not difficult work, but each party does it with different methodologies and data sources.

My personal advice to volunteers and campaign managers based on my previous experience is as follows:

[For Volunteers:]
Don't do any campaign work you don't feel comfortable with. Your parties have some responsibility to provide you with instructions, materials, training and technology  that you need to be productive.  However, please remember most party officials are volunteers just like yourself. Apply yourself with flexibility and initiative.

[For Party leaders:]
Try to free your volunteers  from the  "the internal politics" of the party itself. Make your volunteer assignments simple, straightforward and without litmus tests.  Remember that volunteers come in many shapes, sizes, and belief systems. Be clear and easy to understand with your instruction sets.

[The Vast "Purpality"]
There is evidence for both the United States and the state of WA that much of the potential vote is essentially independent and that many precinct residents are quite possibly some shade of purple rather than red or blue. Looking at the results for your precinct and county elections can help you visualize your local neighborhood's place in the blue to red spectrum of our vast "purpality".  I try to remember that the largest bloc of  voters in the United States for almost all non-presidential election years is not a particular race, gender, party or class. The largest bloc of voters in the United States for any election is almost always those who did not vote! Your job as a campaign volunteer is to convince others to vote for your candidate and perhaps your party. Civility, kindness, grace, and respect are your best tools to complete that mission. Patience and tolerance are your best tools to survive your mission.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Gender and the Vote in WA

Updated on 10/10/2018.  Still under construction. 

Voter Histories for Primary 2018 are due first week in September and will allow for Primary 2018 to be incorporated into this post. The tables below want a wide screen. Gender is a such a widespread and binary classifier that understanding it's significance in terms of blue/red, young/old, white/POC appears difficult. That women register and vote more than men is an easy insight. Who women vote for in what counties and why they vote is more difficult.

To give a simple example relevant to the 2018 midterms: It is possible that the new stampless ballot could increase conservative votes among women of low motility and busy schedules in red counties. There is some evidence that partisanship of gender  is more clearly defined when gender is considered as a function of location, age, religion, race, class, income, party allegiance and education levels. Peering into a wide scale 'binary classifier' like gender and gender's relationship to other electoral co-variants is proving to be more that a weekend's task.  The tables below want a wide screen.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Projecting CD, LD, LCD results for 2018 from 2016 Presidential Results

My first inference is that GE 2018 midterms in WA will be highly reflective of GE 2016 Presidential votes in party preference and volume. My predictions: Increased volumes of female voters and increased volumes of "stampless voters" will make the GE 2018 midterms in WA record breaking in volume.  If you want the spreadsheets for this data, email me: Tell me who you are  and why you need that data. Click to enlarge charts.  -RMF 11:16 AM 8/26/2018.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tables and Charts from the Final Primary 2018 Whatcom County matchback

Below are some tables and charts from the final Whatcom County matchback. Will need wide screen to display correctly.

Monday, August 20, 2018

42nd Primary Data

This post will need a wide screen and is probably not viewable on some phones. I am using Whatcom County results from 08/15/2018 but will update with certified vote totals after 08/20/2018. 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Richey vs. Erb in the Whatcom 2018 Primary

 I am analyzing the precinct differences between the all county races and the apparent conflict between precinct results and precinct correlations in similar populations of voters. This post will need a wide screen and is probably not viewable on some phones. I am using Whatcom County results from 08/15/2018 but will update with certified vote totals after 08/20/2018. 

James Erb ~8K loss to Eric Richey in the primary was distributed by falloff percentage across many precincts. In the chart above,there were ~4K less votes in the Prosecutors race vs. the County at Large Race. In the chart below, the ('lowess') trend line representing James Erb precinct votes increases dramatically as precinct falloff in the Prosecutor's race decreases. Votes are scaled by dividing by 10 to match the 'falloff percentage". Click to enlarge the graphs.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The effect of the "stampless ballot" in WA State

The current WA State turnout percentage for Primary 2018 will be one of the highest for the 19 Primary elections since year 2000. The 1.7M votes will be the largest number of votes ever returned for a primary election in WA State. My initial inference is that the new stampless ballots are bringing an entire new voter pool into play. WA as a state is beset by both by rural poverty and independent voters. The nearest comparable Legislative District election year is a Presidential year (2016):

(Primary2018) - (Primary 2016)
1710872 - 1421841
[1] 289031

(Primary2018) / (Primary 2016)
[1] 1.203279

A twenty percent increase in votes for General Election 2018 because of stampless ballots means an entirely new voter profile for WA State.

Thursday, August 9, 2018


Deb, Rud, Pink, or Ballew... I have some precinct charts for you.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Primary 2018 Matchback Sequences

Update 7:01 PM 8/21/2018

The WC Primary election has been certified. 62,707 "Good Votes" were tabulated, making this the largest primary in the history of Whatcom County. By comparison, GE 2017 had 63,606 "Good Votes" so this primary is comparable in participation to last year's general election. It is suspected by some of us that the "stampless ballot" and a polarized, vitrolic political climate contributed much to this turnout. I suspect we can look for an 85K - 90K turnout for what will be a heavily contested GE 2018 on November 6th. The midterm is currently 77 days from today Tuesday, August 21, 2018. 2,786 ballots were returned "undeliverable". If you didn't receive a ballot this election, you probably forgot to change your address when moved. It is probable you will shortly be made an inactive voter. To remedy this, please use to update your address or call you local election office.

   AVReturnStatus     N
1:           Good 62707
2:      Not Voted 73719
3:     Challenged   702
4:           Void   655
5:  Undeliverable  2786 # If you didn't get your ballot:

Unresolved Challenges included:
 2:                  Too Late    438
 3:        No Signature Match    180
 4:              No Signature     32

Primary 2018 Returns

Ballot Return Statistics

This is probably the last Ballot Status Report. Two were filed for 8/6 and 8/7. I used the PM filing for both days. Although the turnout volume will grow until certification, those numbers will be reflected in election results due tonight August 7, 2018 at 8PM.  August 7, 2018 primary results can be found here: As a note, my projections are simply based upon applying the 2016 CT_pct below to each county. Actual results might vary widely from such projections. -RMF 6:56 PM 8/7/2018

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Age and the Primary Turnout

Analysis and data updated from August 10th matchback - RMF 6:52 AM 8/12/2018

There were any number of important reasons to vote in the August 7th Primary, and vote many did. This table is from August 9th  Whatcom County matchbacks merged with July's VRDB:

   AgeRange Active VotesGood PctGood_AgeRange
1:  17 - 54  80113     24115             30.1
2:  55 - 80  53542     33779             63.1
3: 81 - 106   6721      4483             66.7

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

42nd and "Top 30" WA State LD Contributions and Expenditures through 07/16/2018

 For 2018, there have been $10.9M contributions / $3.6M expenditures on all WA LD races to date (07/16/2018). For 2018, there have been $377K contributed / $102K expended on just the 42nd LD Note that LD 42 boasts two Senate candidates (Tim Ballew:$100K, Doug Ericksen:$88K) who are in the "top 30" for state wide legislative contributions to date. 42nd Senate candidate Pinky Vargas has raised a respectable $66K, but is burning through her stash at a faster rate, probably in hopes of making it to the Final.

Monday, July 16, 2018

VRDB and LD counts through July 1st, 2018

All WA LDs: Active Registrants, Max Candidate LD Vote 2016, Trump+Johnson,Clinton+Stein. Click to Enlarge.

The post below the break describes current and historical Legislative District registration levels as of July 1, 2018. Click to enlarge the charts.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Ryan's Brief List of Sites to Help Prepare Your Mind for the Upcoming Election Season!

IMPORTANT  FOR WA VOTERS : "Deadline for in-person, mail-in & online registrations or address changes" for the August Primary is Monday July 9th!!

Happy July 4th readers!  Please read the post below the break for some light summer reading and preemptive electoral deprogramming! This includes my brief list of sites to prepare you as a voter for the thoroughly corrupt, fascist, manipulative,  authoritarian, psyops and data driven world we all swim in now! And don't forget to register to vote and/or update your changed address at before Monday July 9th! Doesn't hurt to check even if you haven't moved!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

"2018" CVAP Data and graphs. Part II

Adams, Franklin, and Yakima Counties in WA share the distinction of having majority hispanic populations with majority white voting populations. The CVAP estimates for all three counties are dominated by "White Alone" voting populations.  Click on table to enlarge.  Query in data.table  'i' field : (HispanicorLatinoPCT - WhiteAlonePCT >= 0) & (CVAP_EST_White_Alone - CVAP_EST_HispanicorLatino >= 0).  

This post is under construction. It includes race, CVAP ("Citizen Voting Age Population"), and turnout in WA with ongoing correlation analysis. Click to enlarge graph and tables. For documentation and introduction, please  see Part I

Thursday, June 28, 2018

"2018" CVAP Data and graphs. Part I

Below are lattice (trellis) graphs of CVAP data from See technical documentation here.  This is the latest Citizen Voting Age Population for WA state by county and "lower house" legislative districts. Below the break are (4) charts for Counties and (5) charts for LD that describe:
  • CVAP_EST_Total # Citizen Voting Age Population Total per County or LD.
  • TOT_EST_Total   # Total estimated population per County or LD.
  • CVAP_EST_White_Alone  #  Citizen Voting Age Population for race "White Alone".
  • TOT_EST_White_Alone     #  Total estimated "White Alone" population.
  • (CVAP_EST_Total - CVAP_EST_White_Alone)  # The remaining CVAP not "White Alone".
  • (TOT_EST_Total - TOT_EST_White_Alone)       # The remaining population not "White Alone. 
Because the charts are detailed, there is a zip and 7zip file with spreadsheets and jpgs here. The data fields for county and legislative districts are as below.


         [,1]                      [,2]                                    
GEONAME  "Autauga County, Alabama" "State House District 1 (2016), Alabama"
LNTITLE  "Total"                   "Total"                                 
GEOID    "05000US01001"            "62000US01001"                          
LNNUMBER "1"                       "1"                                     
TOT_EST  "55050"                   "46015"                                 
TOT_MOE  NA                        "1138"                                  
ADU_EST  "41195"                   "36130"                                 
ADU_MOE  " 34"                     "856"                                   
CIT_EST  "54510"                   "45450"                                 
CIT_MOE  " 263"                    "1115"                                  
CVAP_EST "40690"                   "35660"                                 
CVAP_MOE "236"                     "851"

LNTITLE covers the following racial/ethnic classifications:

 1:                                                          Total
 2:                                         Not Hispanic or Latino
 3:                         American Indian or Alaska Native Alone
 4:                                                    Asian Alone
 5:                                Black or African American Alone
 6:                Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Alone
 7:                                                    White Alone
 8:                     American Indian or Alaska Native and White
 9:                                                Asian and White
10:                            Black or African American and White
11: American Indian or Alaska Native and Black or African American
12:                        Remainder of Two or More Race Responses
13:                                             Hispanic or Latino 

 For more information, please see technical documentation. Click on charts to enlarge.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Voting History Matplots : 2014 vs. 2016 (Part II)

Turnout rates from Voting Histories for the top 10 most populous WA Counties: Blue = 2016, Green = 2014, Red = 2017. Click to enlarge the chart.

In the last post I looked at voter participation (turnout) volumes from voter histories per county for General Elections 2014 - 2017 or GE 2014 - GE 2017. I now look at the top ten most populous WA counties. Each of these counties has over 100K registered voters in GE 2017. These top ten counties account for 82% of all registered voters in WA in GE 2017. The top five counties account for 66% of all registered voters in WA in GE 2017. But their rates of participation in the various election years show differences pictured above.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Voting History Matplots : 2014 vs. 2016 (Part I)

Below the break are matplots from voting histories of the top 5  and bottom 34 WA counties for General Elections 2014 - 2017. The open purple circle represents GE2016 turnout, the filled green circle represents GE2014.  (Red square is GE2017, filled blue circle is GE2015). The top chart is turnout volume for KI, PI, SN, SP, CR - the top five WA counties. That left hand axis is 200K - 1M. The bottom chart is the bottom 34 or rest of state. That left hand axis is 20K - 140K. Tables with turnout volumes for all counties follow. Note that the WA SoS warns that data form the voting histories does not always match reported final votes. Click on the charts to enlarge.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

General data advice for candidates

Below is some information and links that might help you with public campaign data. Remember that working with data requires previous experience. Some data can be analyzed with spreadsheets, but statewide data will require database or data analytics software functionality.

Colllapsible Trees

These are images of Collapsible Trees of LCDs, RJIs, by LCD, Precincts and Counties. Click to Enlarge.
See for URLs.
See also
The 'hierarchy' argument defines the tree data in the code below the break.

No warranty for any data is expressed or implied. 
Please use at your own risk. Please understand all the laws that govern the use of WA Electoral Data:

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Libertarian Challenge in WA State

Top 6 Party Prefers declared during filing week by Count (N):

                            PartyName   N
 1:        (Prefers Democratic Party) 168
 2:        (Prefers Republican Party) 144
 3:                                    36
 4:       (Prefers Independent Party)  19
 5:      (States No Party Preference)  14
 6:       (Prefers Libertarian Party)  12
See table at bottom for full list.

I dug into the campaign contributions and expenditures this last weekend and found myself captivated the "strength" of the Libertarian movement nationwide and in WA State. Matthew Dubin has multiple $2K donations from out of state 'libertarian supporters'. As of last Friday, he is nearly leading the campaign funding race in LD 36th outspending his opponent incumbent Noel Frame.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

PDC Contributions through June 1st

This is PDC data for 2018 campaign contributions until June 1 or the first five months of this year. We now are five months from the November general elections. I list the top 20 for each query ordered by Contrib (Contribution).

Saturday, June 2, 2018

PDC Expenditures through June 1st

This is PDC data for 2018 campaign expenditures until June 1 or the first five months of this year. We now are five months from the November general elections. I list the top 20 for each query ordered by expenditure (Expend).

Thursday, May 24, 2018

2018 Filing week is over... (Part III)

Click to Enlarge WA Map of LD, CD, Precincts.
WA State filing week is over. The state lists 416 Legislative, Congressional, Judicial and Federal candidates for office.  Each county also has local offices.You can find more information at these URLs: 

Download: # all state # Whatcom 

Some lists with R Code (from data.table library) below the break. Font needs wide screen and probably some zoom.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Here Comes Filing Week : Part II

Filing week is upon us. You can check here: # Entire State # Whatcom County


Below the break are tables of GE 2016 Presidential and Legislative votes by County and Legislative District.

A Postgres query  like this:

 Guy Palumbo        | Legislative District 1 - State Senator  | 28003 #KI only

 Mindie Wirth       | Legislative District 1 - State Senator  | 22395 #KI only

 Mindie Wirth       | Legislative District 1 State Senator    | 30850 # “Rest of State” not KI

 Guy Palumbo        | Legislative District 1 State Senator    | 40758 # “Rest of State” not KI

can be confusing because it shows King County ("KI") and Rest of the State ("ROS") in two separate entries.

Far below, LDs split between KI and “ROS” are expressed like this as an R (data.table) query:


  1     5987     16836      14921       31482 22823   46403

or split between LD ~ County for KI and “ROS” like this:


   1     KI     5987         0      14921           0  5987   14921

   1     SN        0     16836          0       31482 16836   31482

Let me know if you have any questions or find any errors. No warranty for this data is expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.

-RMF 1:12 PM 5/14/2018