Tuesday, June 26, 2012

People for Natalie McClendon

""The State Democratic Party, and each of the local party organizations, work for the rank-and-file Democratic voters, not the other way around. We need to trust and respect the Democratic voters of the state to know what their best interests are and to make good choices for our communities, state and nation. We need to build a party that reflects this reality."
From Natalie McClendon Previous Chair of Whatcom County Democrats 

I am very slow to endorse politicians or contribute to existing political parties.  An observer would say that I am a victim of my own self-developed cynicism and disappointment with the democratic process.  But then, I may not be the only one who is afflicted as such.  Nevertheless, every now and then there is reason to pull back from the darkness and wish for hope and change, even knowing that it might not come.   And so, dear reader, I recommend you invest some time considering supporting once Democrat county chair Natalie McClendon for the 42nd legislative district. As a distant observer of Ms. McClendon, what I like most is her  marked ability to combine effectiveness with a passion  for electoral participation. Under her chair, Whatcom County has significantly increased voter registration and turnout. Whatcom County has also returned some remarkably important electoral results. Most notably, the turn out for President Obama in 2008 and the turnout for Rick Larsen in 2010. I'm sure Ms. McClendon would graciously credit others for some of these achievements.  In reality, few leaders  in local  politics bear the responsibility for energizing a local voter base more than the county chairs of the various local political parties.