Sunday, August 13, 2017

Part I Primary Election Post Mortem: Matchbacks and Tips on How to Avoid a Challenged Ballot

The results of August 2017  Primary Election will be certified on Tuesday evening. Monday will be the last chance for 200 plus voters to cure their challenged ballots.   Wednesday, many people will be analyzing the final results with implications for the November 2017 General Election. But as a prelude, I would like to talk about the mechanics of the vote with some public matchback  and return numbers available as of last Friday (08/11/2017). These numbers will be updated in the days to come, but are sure enough for my general points.

Primary turnout in "off year" (e.g. no federal, state offices) elections is especially diminished across America as a whole.  Electoral analysts nearly universally consider this a major flaw in our electoral landscape. Solutions are not forthcoming.  Here is how the top nine counties (exclusive of Yakima) voted in WA this August. This list is ranked by turnout percentage of those counties with over 100K participating in the elections and it will change after certification on Tuesday: