Friday, October 16, 2009

Review of the Human Services Forum...

Last night's "Human Services Forum" was a revelation. Yesterday morning, the Herald's Dave Gallagher wrote an article describing Whatcom County's foreclosure rate as number nine in the state.  With unemployment here and in the rest of the country on an upward trajectory - really showing little if any signs of abatement - almost every candidate is getting the "build jobs here" religion.  Some, like Catherine Chambers, almost had sophisticated remarks about the price of rent. Others, like Doug Smith, blathered on about all the jobs the port has already provided and the "breakup of the traditional family". The trite phrase "a rising tide lifts all boats" was uttered by more than one candidate   In reality, no one exhibited any evidence that any candidate has a plan toward rescuing the sinking middle and working classes in Whatcom County.  Of course, it can be easily argued that no one on the national level has a plan either.

So here's an important and radical thought: Since all of the politicians now in power took us to this point, ignoring the coming crash and Whatcom County's ridiculous over-reliance on housing and new construction to float its fragile economy, let's not vote for anyone.  Instead let's throw a revolution.  The capitalist system is failing.  More failure, unemployment, and foreclosure are on the way and there is little evidence to believe that anyone in power is capable of preventing the great harm and violence and loss of wealth that is coming to our class structures. Let's form a strong Communist Party here in Bellingham and Whatcom County. Let's run candidates and form co-operatives and re-appropriate the stolen capital of Whatcom County's elite to the working and middle class with an agenda that promises self-sufficiency, employment and return of control of capital and resources  to the working classes.  Long live the revolution!

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Riley said...

Vote Catherine Chambers, she's not an incumbant and has some great ideas for not just improving our current state, but not screwing it up in the future. Vote Chambers!