Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keep the Faith!! and Keep your Job!!

James Haggerty at the Wall Street Journal has another great article on housing in today's WSJ: "House Flipping Makes a Comeback".  

[To be honest, I have had deep fears that R. Murdoch's purchase of the WSJ would lead to talent drain.  But that doesn't quite seem to be the case yet, and certainly Mr. Haggerty is proof that not all talent has deserted the WSJ. ]

I don't have the subscriptions to MBAA or RealtyTrac that would allow me to get Bellingham/Whatcom County deliquency/foreclosure statistics on our housing market.  As I log onto the public area of RealtyTrac and search for "Bellingham" home sales from September 2008 onward, I count:
  • Trustee Sale         135 properties
  • Bank Owned         137 properties
  • FSBO                    64 properties
  • REO Home           8 properties
  • Live Auction         1 property  
For Whatcom County as a whole I count:

  • Trustee Sale         130 properties
  • Bank Owned         272 properties
  • FSBO                    170 properties
  • Resale/MLS         107 properties
  • REO Home S        4 properties
  • Live Auction         1 properties
Keep Building Jobs Mr. President!!

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