Friday, January 15, 2010

"525,600 Minutes: How do you measure a year?"

In the profile to  her stunningly beautiful and elegant photo blog, the late  Molly Mackenzie Hightower describes herself as a ... "a 22 year old from Port Orchard, WA, who just graduated from the University of Portland and is avoiding getting a job. I majored in Psychology, Sociology and French, and plan to get my masters in special ed, counseling or education."

For Molly, "avoiding getting a job" apparently meant spending one year of her young life living and working in Haiti with children of special needs.  Molly wrote and photographed beautifully about the children of Haiti she came to know in her blog "525,600 Minutes: How do you measure a year?" She was very much looking forward to the trip back. In the post "Halfway Point" she commented:

"Its very weird to think that my trip is more than half over at this point. Since school started up in September, it really has flown by. I have a ticket back to Seattle on June 8th, so really, I'm only here for 5 more months and some odd days. My frappachino maker is waiting for me."

Godspeed, Ms. Hightower.

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