Thursday, February 11, 2010

OIl in Haiti and "Induced Seismicity"

The big secret is now in the open:  Haiti's earthquake is just one more power play in the U.S. control of Haiti and the Caribbean's resources. Two authors are covering this in detail:
The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti
Oil Sites in Haiti 
Oil in Haiti, reasons for the US occupation

To understand "induced seismicity" and the probabilities that Western mining companies may have induced the Haitian earthquake through drilling operations, background information can be read at on "induced seismicity".  Ms. Laurent/Ezili Danto describes illegal drilling and mining operations in Haiti since Aristide's "departure" in her blog "Did mining and oil drilling trigger the Haiti earthquake?"  Ms. Laurent talked about these mining operations by Western forces earlier in an interview in May 2009.

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