Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eva Golinger

Just discovered this thoroughly engaging activist and  author Eva Golinger  who discusses Venezuelan affairs from a pro-Chavez perspective.  What is fascinating about her text is the thoroughness of the  dissection of American funded 'pro-democracy' efforts of  USAID, NED, DAI, SAIC in Caracas.  Ms. Golinger has written several books about American funded efforts in Venezuela including : The Chavez Code.  Ms. Golinger is also an engaging public speaker. Her blog contains at least four gripping videos about American/Venezuelan political relations, the last of which described covert funding of American NGO disruptive efforts in foreign countries.

Her discussion reminds me very much of recent RNC memo that describes the psychological operations now being carried out on the American populace through public relations of the Republican party.  Among the "psychological operations" most harmful to Washington state is "anti-tax" rhetoric that convinces members of Washington State that they are over-taxed. We are not "over-taxed" in Washington state. If anything, we are comparatively "under-taxed" because we have no corporate or personal income tax.  The lack of corporate tax, which is not made up for by BOT (Business and Occupation Taxes), is hurting all of us dearly. There is literally not enough funding for municipalities to keep our librarians, teachers and bus drivers.  Almost all of the states are desperate for cash, many of them fighting off multi-billion dollar deficits while we fight our foreign wars and ship money by the billions to essentially American state supported actors like (USAID, NED, DAI, SAIC) to destabilize foreign governments.  Why is there no money for our libraries, schools, and bus systems?   Listen to Eva Golinger and find out where all your federal tax dollars are going.  Better to send those tax monies to your state and local communities than Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan.

So what would corporate and state income taxes bring us?  For starters, they would make our tax based infrastructure less dependent on property taxes. Considering the glut in housing stocks and the instability of American residential construction, income taxes could be a stabilizing influence on government revenue.  In addition, it would make the maintenance of wage income revenue critical for the functioning of the state. Lose jobs, lose revenues.  A fallacy we live with in the propaganda of Whatcom County is that housing drives jobs. In fact, jobs drives housing.  Our counties defacto economic plan to attract homeowners from other states is frail without the aggressive development of our employment base, state or private based

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