Saturday, April 17, 2010

the world is debating war now

We should make no mistake about the meaning of President Obama's recent nuclear policy, the Washington nuclear summit and today's Iranian nuclear summit. The world is debating the advent of war in Iran, quite possibly nuclear war.  There are a number of reasons for this, but chiefly:

(1) Iran is about to become a declared nuclear power
(2) The rest of the world powers need Iranian oil and further control of the Middle East and South Asia to fuel their economies.

Once you understand how thoroughly critical to world history both these mandates could be, it is easy to understand why either Israel or the United States may use nuclear weapons to destroy Iran.  "It takes a Democrat to actually use nukes," someone once told me.  This is not a completely empty statement. Obama may have enough chutzpah to actually do it.  There may well be 4.7 trillion barrels of oil left in our good Earth.  But the easiest to extract at the highest profit can be found in Iran and Iraq. And the lure of that cheap oil may be strong enough to risk collapsing the American economy for a few more years.

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