Sunday, July 10, 2011

Urban Farming Part II

From Our Garden....
So this is not a terrible lot of food, but every two or three days I pull about this much vegetable/fruit mass out of my small garden. The tomatoes are way behind this year, the carrots will need another 30 days to  be useful, the onions probably needed more fertilizer and the squash (although) showing promise, is also late.
  • the strawberries just keep producing and growing
  • the kale is unstoppable
  • the renegade spinach has gone to seed before I could eat it all
  • the bull beet tops are delicious
  • and it looks like I am going to have quite a crop of potatoes
  • parsley, rosemary and golden sage especially are doing well enough... 
Did I mention the blooming bush peas? Boy are they sweet to eat. Raw. Right out of the pod!

Bush Peas
On the whole, I still have some mixed thoughts about turning my back yard into "the food machine". I think it will be some time and take some more care and thought before my skill level and planting create a serious return on my investment.  And I worry that time spent in the garden is time I could spend teaching Isabel multiplication or writing more code.  But still: I have fresh strawberries for my daughter and wife every morning, I've eaten my fill of raw spinach and kale (that's just got to be good for you), the baby carrots are great, fresh bush peas in a pod are delectable, and my six bare root fruit trees (cherry, apple, pear) have grown like weeds in less than three months. The apple even has 10 pieces of fruit! Isabel counted them for me! Almost makes the (3) five gallon buckets I dump on each tree every 2 - 3 days worth the exercise....

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