Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fwd: Wolf Hatred and Bigotry

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Date: Jan 14, 2013 12:20 PM
Subject: Wolf Hatred and Bigotry

Dear Friends,
Over the next few days I will be circulating and promoting two wolf-related blog posts.  The first deals with that perennial thorn in my side the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and their promotional video which features Kenny G., predators (no wolves) and rainbows.  The video is just silly and they should be spanked in public for trying to sell themselves as something other than what they are: An extreme hunting organization that would like to see predator populations minimized and don't care about what science has to say.
The second piece is decidedly more serious, but related to the first in many ways.  This deals with wolf-hatred and the links between this behavior and what we classically know as bigotry.  It is extremely important as we move towards the date of a promised wolf reclassification from the US Fish and Wildlife that we purposely look at this phenomenon and the people who have worked diligently to promote wolf myths and fear—including the infamous Koch Brothers and the astro-turf group Americans for Prosperity.
Some will say that I have stepped over a line by drawing parallels between racial and religious bigotry and that level of hatred now directed at wolves.  I have thought long and hard about that and come to the conclusion that they are simply different sides of the same coin. 
More than 900 wolves—that we know of—have been killed since Congressional action on wolves was taken in the Northern Rockies.  That is sad and irrational testimony to the pernicious nature of wildlife hatred.  We must do something about it and that begins with awareness. Please send these pieces around to your networks. 
For the wolves,
Bob Ferris
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