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Dear Ryan,

The Arkansas tar sands spill is just a small preview of Keystone XL.

Watch the stunning local footage, then submit your comment against the tar sands!

Take Action
This is bad.

"Thanks" to ExxonMobil, dozens of Arkansas families were forced to spend their weekend breathing in toxic chemicals like benzene from their own backyards. 84,000 gallons of toxic tar sands crude from Exxon's latest pipeline spill poured down the street and continue to threaten Lake Conway. Officials have no idea when it will be safe for residents to return home.

Keystone XL would carry nine times more tar sands than the broken Arkansas pipeline. Raise your voice against the tar sands -- submit an official comment against Keystone XL today!

Big Oil's track record speaks for itself. A similar tar sands spill happened in Michigan's Kalamazoo River in 2010, and nearly two years later, it still hasn't been fully cleaned up. Families faced toxic health effects for months, and some even lost their pets.

Extreme fossil fuels mean extreme risks -- enormous public risk for enormous private profit. This was actually the second tar sands spill in the same week, and comes right as ExxonMobil was fined nearly $2 million for yet another 2011 spill in the Yellowstone River.

When it comes to tar sands, spills and other painful accidents aren't a matter of "if," but "when." For the residents of Mayflower, Arkansas, "when" was a holiday weekend evacuation.

Enough is enough. We can stop the tar sands by stopping new tar sands infrastructure -- watch this shocking video of the spill, then submit your official comment against Keystone XL!

We can cut oil use tremendously by buying more fuel-efficient cars, switching to electric vehicles, and building walkable, bikeable neighborhoods -- but the first step is stopping Big Oil's latest projects from moving any further. Take action today!

Thanks for all you do,

Michael Marx
Sierra Club Beyond Oil Campaign Director

P.S. Five comments are worth even more than one -- please be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues as well!

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