Friday, April 19, 2013

The "war on terrorism" is a load of c**p.

Has there been any positive contributions to humanity from the "War on Terrorism?" Skipping our disastrous foreign wars, a faltering American economy, skyrocketing energy prices, (at least for now) let's do a quick check on recent geo-political events.

 A bombing in Iraq today killed another 27 people. It followed on the heels of another four Iraqi bombings; all of them dismissed as election cycle  "sectarian violence".  The Boston bombing +  manhunt + cheap digital photography + internet has shown American society for what it really is: a bunch of amateur sleuths targeting people of color.  And while we were pursuing those ends, our congress passed another draconian act that allows law enforcement warrant less database searches, among other intrusive powers. After NATO killed Muammar al-Gaddafii (Vladimir Putin's phrase) , North Korea reasoned  that anyone who works with the United States to give up their nuclear weapons program will suffer regime change or death.  So of course, they have taken nuclear armaments development to the next level.  And if you were Iran  or any other small country who feared the United States, you  would want nuclear weapons as well!  Meanwhile, we continue to spread billions of dollars of our deadly weapons systems across the unstable Middle East in the name of stopping terror!  I'm sure that will pan just as well as our foreign policy experts imagine.

The "war on terrorism" is a load of c**p.  Billions of FBI, CIA, DIA, DHS dollars can't even prevent so called "terrorists" from blowing up Americans with bombs made from kitchen equipment. Our over-militarized, war-mongering, increasingly restrictive society now has so many internal and external enemies we can't possibly know who and where the next terror attack will come from anyway.   We simply ought to de-fund the "war on terror" and the rest of our militarized, globalist overreach.  Maybe the terrorists, both internal and external, would treat us nicer if we built bigger libraries instead of more stealth bombers and drones.

How are we going to explain what we have done to our society to our children?  How are we going to explain how our country went bankrupt by spending too much on a military we couldn't afford? How are we going to explain why their public schools are getting foreign language and arts programs de-funded? How are we going to continue to explain to them why Daddy lost his job and the family lost their home? Our military and security expenditures are destroying the moral fabric of our nation. We just need to stop.