Sunday, June 23, 2013

NSA Leaks : Part VI

What shall we name our brave new world. How about "Duck Duck Go !Freedom" ? With foreign countries dumping American communication services and hardware it won't be long before American consumers start to do the same.  The question is : "What kind of digital communication services will we invent and build to replace the existing internet?"  This is hardly a simple question, but it will be met with worthy and energetic answers nonetheless.

Some examples are already posted. Many of them are works in progress. What has to be remembered is that the compromise of telecommunications security exists at packet level integrity: at the routing edge of all networks. This means that those networks will have to be replaced and made transparent to ensure true international integrity and security.

This is not as impossible as it might sound.  There is no doubt that until this point in history, network management has always "trusted the routers" by default.  That will change shortly.  Other methods of ensuring security at the packet level (most notably encryption) will now become more widespread and individuated in use.  New markets will open because of this. I see open hardware, open firmware, open networking source movements.  Perhaps crowd sourced production of network hardware and firmware.

There can be no doubt that network security specialists have had a fire lit underneath their careers.  What secret patent toting corporation or individual researcher will trust any commercial production  or data storage source ever again? As if the world of cyber security could get anymore complex.  The most immediate effects will be that the current crop  of top service corporations (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Blackberry, Yahoo, etc...) are going to see a serious hiccup in profits. WE can rebuild the internet. WE can make it secure. If necessary, we can simply use distributed  WIFI routing to supplant it. Imagine tens of thousand spread spectrum signals using new routing protocols across every community in America....

Yes, this can happen. And it will drive the "anti-terror" boys absolutely nuts.