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Fwd: BREAKING: Proposed coal terminals get area-wide review!

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Subject: BREAKING: Proposed coal terminals get area-wide review!
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Dear Ryan,

Tell Governor Inslee and the WA Department of Ecology thank you for announcing the broad review of coal export impacts!
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Today the people of Washington State have been heard! The Department of Ecology has announced that it will take a broad look at the impacts of the proposed Cherry Point coal export terminal through their environmental review. 

The efforts you all have put into this campaign over the last two years are paying off in a big way! Big coal was hoping for just a review of the environmental impacts at the coal terminal site(s). This is a huge blow to them and a great victory for those concerned about exporting millions of tons of coal through the Northwest.

Thank Ecology Director Maia Bellon and Governor Jay Inslee for listening to the public and demonstrating tremendous leadership with this announcement.

Topics to be studied in the environmental review include human health impacts from coal dust around the terminal and in communities along the rail line, marine traffic impacts, rail traffic impacts, greenhouse gas emissions from burning the exported coal in Asia, and cumulative impacts from the second proposed terminal in the state -- Millennium Bulk Terminal in Longview, Washington.

The Army Corps of Engineers chose not to listen to the public in its demands for an extensive and cumulative review, but Ecology Director Maia Bellon and Governor Jay Inslee have our back and are making sure the concerns received from over 100,000 people that participated in the public process last year are addressed.

Send a thank you to Ecology and Governor Inslee today and keep the momentum going!

As the review moves ahead for the Cherry Point proposal, scoping begins soon for another coal export proposal in Longview, Washington. Hearings for that proposal will be held across Washington in September and October. We must continue the fight, but take heart -- thanks to you, our efforts are not being ignored!

Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,

Robin Everett
Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club

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