Friday, November 22, 2013

Why a Marxist movement is needed in the United States!

RFK Jr. has a brilliant article on his uncle's assassination and the struggles of JFK's presidency in this month's edition of Rolling Stone. The article is available on-line. I recommend everyone who still has hope in humanity read it and invite RFK Jr. to come speak at WWU in the comment section.  Last time he came, I managed to score a ticket in the front row seats.  I was politically inspired for an entire year.

But today, on the fiftieth anniversary of JFK's assassination, I was sitting in the my car dealership waiting for an oil change while working on my laptop. In the background of my earshot is an obvious right wing collection of nobodies discussing:

(a) How Lincoln was unpopular.
(b) How 50 years ago somebody took out Kennedy.
(c) How somebody is going to take out Obama.

This is followed by a lot of discussion about the evil of ACA....
"There's just a lot of emotion in the air...." is the summary quote.

Personally, I was waiting for the ghost of Curtis LeMay to come through the dealership door...and start handing out John Birch Society  pamphlets.  The center-left wing in this country badly needs a Marxist counter-balance to the brainwashed right wing fringe. These are people who honestly believe Obama is a socialist because he developed a moderate health reform care package that gave insurance companies almost everything they wanted.  Somehow, they need to understand exactly what Marxism and nationalization of industry would mean before the Kennedy center-left faction of American politics can be respected again.  Right now, they are ideologically free to paint the slightest liberal efforts as radical.

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