Sunday, February 2, 2014

An insider outs the criminal United States Banking System and it's Government Protectorate...

"That IED going off in Afghanistan, killing an American or Allied soldier; that is being financed by our banks!" Everett Stern on RT
 Like Edward Snowden, Everett Stern is another 29 year old who believed in the system, until he got a chance peer beneath the covers. What Mr. Stern and Mr. Snowden  have in common: extremely bright believers in the system that just saw the dark side and decided to do something about it. Snowden dumped data. Stern figured out how to do the job of detecting money laundering (for which the bank who had hired him had apparently not trained him) and then started emailing the CIA and the FBI. Mr. Stern is unable to believe that this story can not get more press. Dynamite interview with Sophie Shevardnadze...

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