Saturday, May 17, 2014

Candidates who have filed in the 42nd LD

Thanks to all of those who are running for public office in the 42 LD! 

State candidates who have filed for office in WA 42nd LD are here and listed below.  As the weeks move forward,  I will fill in their websites and multimedia pages below and pin this post to a gagdet link on the right column of this blog. Best I can do  is a screenshot below and a messy, elongated table with links below the break.  If you are a candidate in the 42 LD and you have additional links, please email them to me.  

Personally, I want to encourage all  political candidates to have a coordinated approach to multimedia: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blogs, Websites.  Contrary to what some might believe, most of the voting electorate really doesn't want to meet you or listen to you. Although they might want to read about you speaking with others in public, most of the voting electorate even in our small county won't ever get a chance to meet or see you in person.  What we want to know is that you are competent, work hard and represent our political opinions and our community well.   Multimedia is the best approach to reach the breadth of the electorate. 

Click the image below to enlarge or please see a linked table below the break.

42nd Legislative District Websites Facebook Twitter
State Senator Partisan Office 4-year term
Doug Ericksen (Prefers Republican Party)
Seth Fleetwood (Prefers Democratic Party)
State Representative Pos. 1 Partisan Office 2-year term
Bill Knutzen (Prefers Republican Party)

Luanne VanWerven (Prefers Republican Party)
Nicholas Kunkel (Prefers Libertarian Party)
Satpal Sidhu (Prefers Democratic Party)

State Representative Pos. 2 Partisan Office 2-year term
Vincent Buys (Prefers Republican Party)
Joy Monjure (Prefers Democratic Party)

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