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Fwd: Become a precinct committee officer AND Seth Fleetwood RUNS FOR STATE SENATE!

Democrat Greg Haffner's plea to sign up to run as a Precinct Committee Officer for your local precinct is far below.  Pictured immediately below are the Bellingham Precincts and a GIS map of property lots in Bellingham overlaid with Bellingham Precincts. Click to enlarge this image.

There are currently 87 precincts in Bellingham with vacant PCOs (See the list below).  Yes! 87 precincts in Bellingham currently have no Precinct Committee Officer according to Whatcom County Democrats!  Do you want to make a difference in the next election? Then you need to "submit a Declaration of Candidacy to your County Auditor between May 12th and May 16th." See links below  and Greg Haffner's letter on how to do this.

Having these precincts activated will be especially important for the 42nd  LD State Senate race between incumbent Doug Ericksen(R) and Seth Fleetwood(D).  The 42nd precinct extends through downtown Bellingham and contains 33 Bellingham 200 series precincts.  Activating those precincts will be a key part of any Democratic win in the 42nd LD.

Some important links  Whatcom County Election Page WC PCO Info BHAM Prcnts MAPS COB GIS Current Committee Officers  40th LD web page 42nd LD Facebook Fleetwood for Senate

Currently Vacant PCOs in Bellingham?

Precinct Region Neighborhood LD Dist. PCO Name
135 Bellingham area Airport area 42 1 vacant
156 Bellingham area N of Bellingham 42 1 vacant
157 Bellingham area NE of Bellingham 42 1 vacant
158 Bellingham area Van Wyck 42 1 vacant
159 Bellingham area N of Silver Beach 42 1 vacant
161 Bellingham area N of Silver Beach 42 2 vacant
162 Bellingham area N of Silver Beach 42 1 vacant
163 Bellingham area Squalicum Mountain 42 1 vacant
164 Bellingham area Squalicum Lake 42 1 vacant
165 Bellingham area Rome/Van Zandt 42 1 vacant
168 Bellingham area N Lake Whatcom 42 1 vacant
202 Bellingham WCC area 42 2 vacant
203 Bellingham N of W Bakerview 42 2 vacant
204 Bellingham Bellis Fair area 42 2 vacant
205 Bellingham Northwest & Alderwood 42 2 vacant
206 Bellingham Northwest & Birchwood 42 2 vacant
207 Bellingham Cedarwood 42 2 vacant
211 Bellingham E of Meridian/N of Bakerview 42 2 vacant
212 Bellingham E of Meridian/S of Bakerview 42 2 vacant
213 Bellingham E of Meridian/N of Illinois 42 2 vacant
218 Bellingham E of James/N of Sunset 42 2 vacant
169 Bellingham area Geneva/Galbraith Mtn 42 2 vacant
170 Bellingham area Geneva 42 2 vacant
214 Bellingham E of Meridian/S of Illinois 42 2 vacant
220 Bellingham N of Barkley Blvd/S of Sunset 42 2 vacant
221 Bellingham Barkley/Northridge Park 42 2 vacant
226 Bellingham State & Maple 40 2 vacant
229 Bellingham Roosevelt 42 2 vacant
231 Bellingham Civic Field-Bayview 40 2 vacant
233 Bellingham Roosevelt 42 2 vacant
234 Bellingham S of Barkley 42 2 vacant
235 Bellingham Big Rock 40 2 vacant
236 Bellingham N Silver Beach 40 2 vacant
237 Bellingham Silver Beach 40 2 vacant
238 Bellingham NE Lake Whatcom 40 2 vacant
239 Bellingham N of Whatcom Falls 40 2 vacant
267 Bellingham East Columbia 42 2 vacant
172 Bellingham area E of Yew 40 2 vacant
244 Bellingham N of Blvd Pk/South Hill 40 2 vacant
245 Bellingham WWU 40 2 vacant
248 Bellingham S of Lakeway/Lincoln 40 2 vacant
252 Bellingham Bill McDonald Pkway 40 2 vacant
255 Bellingham Samish Heights 40 2 vacant
259 Bellingham Connelly Creek area 40 2 vacant
260 Bellingham Edgemoor West 40 2 vacant
263 Bellingham Happy Valley S 40 2 vacant
264 Bellingham Chuckanut 40 2 vacant
181 Bellingham area Lake Samish 40 2 vacant

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Greg Haffner, WA Democrats <>
Date: Fri, May 2, 2014 at 12:04 PM
Subject: Become a precinct committee officer
To: Ryan Ferris <>

Dear Ryan,
There is a great opportunity coming up for you to get involved with Democrats in your area and make a real difference in your community.
Run to become a precinct committee officer, the Democratic representative for your precinct!
Precinct committee officers (PCOs) are elected officials of the Party. In contested precincts, candidates for PCO appear on the Primary ballot and are elected by voters in their precinct.
PCOs play an important role in electing Democrats. It's their job to get to know their neighbors, educate undecided or swing voters, and make sure Democrats are registered to vote. Before Election Day, they work to turn out voters.
All this hard work adds up to precinct-by-precinct victories and the election of Democratic candidates. This is what grassroots politics is all about!
PCOs are also a central part of every local Democratic organization. Becoming active with your local Democratic organization will make you a more effective PCO. They elect leadership for every organization and help fill vacancies in other elected offices.
Running for election as a PCO is easy. Just submit a Declaration of Candidacy to your County Auditor between May 12th and May 16th.
There are two ways to submit a Declaration of Candidacy:
Click here to find the website of your County Auditor. Visit the website of your County Auditor and fill out a Declaration of Candidacy form online, where available.
Click here to download a Declaration of Candidacy form. If you can't fill out a form online, you can download this form and mail it to your County Auditor.
Become a PCO – Join us as we work to elect Democrats in precincts across the state!
Greg Haffner
Party Affairs Manager
Washington State Democrats
Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.
Paid for by Washington State Democratic Central Committee
615 Second Ave., Seattle, WA 98104 - (206) 583-0664 -
Not authorized by any federal candidate or candidate's committee

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