Thursday, June 19, 2014

Looking at Primary Voting Patterns in Whatcom County: Part I

Under Construction 7:59 PM 6/19/2014. Technical  piece for this blog is ...
This piece starts an analysis of Primary voting patterns in Whatcom County. This means that we are looking at election turnout numbers only for those people currently registered to vote as of June 05, 2014. As of June 05, 2014,  the voter database for Whatcom County stood a126418 registered voters. I present graphs with analysis. Click on these graphs to enlarge.

The charts below gives us the vote by age bins in three rows (registered, voting, not voting) for (left to right) 2009 - 2013. And the question is: What happened in the 2013 Primary?  After talking with knowledgeable folk from the Democratic Party , I am reminded that the 2013 was very limited - almost all of it Bellingham. This probably explains most of the low numbers of registrants. -RMF

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