Monday, July 28, 2014

The Campaign Financing War 07/27/2014 : Part II

Out of state donations to Republican candidates in WA 42nd  LD  are outdistancing Democratic candidates and powering the Republican party to a significant lead in the campaign finance war.

This is an update to Part I.  In the charts below, Republicans are red, Democrats are blue and the X axis label has respective contribution totals. Unlabeled Y Axis are dollars. Unlabeled X Axis are donors. All data is from the PDC. Click on the graphs to enlarge.

As total 42nd LD contributions near $400K, the Democratic candidates in the 42nd are trailing the Republican candidates $247K : $144K in the financing war. Although the Democrats show strength in donation numbers and smaller donations, they are being soundly defeated on the whole.

The race between Doug Ericksen and Seth Fleetwood is a large part of this year's election dynamic:  Fleetwood has collected many more donations (679:453), but Ericksen has collected many more high end (> $500) donations. These high end donations are  powering Ericksen's $134K : $89K lead. As an example, Ericksen has 98 donations over $900 to Fleetwood's 26.

A brief look at city of origin donations for both candidates show that Fleetwood is receiving  substantially more donors from Bellingham than Ericksen. Ericksen has a wider range of out of state donors:

The second most heavily financed race (Van Werven vs. Satpal) shows a surging Satpal overcoming Van Werven's lead at the start of the campaign with an impressive amount of high end donations from Washington state business and entrepreneurs:

In the other 42nd LD representative race, Vincent Buys is outdistancing Joy Monjure by over $40K.

Republicans show a substantial national donor base in comparison to the Democrats in WA 42nd.  The Democrats really have no choice if they wish to compete. They must reach out to national donors from other states.

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