Thursday, November 17, 2016

Some Charts

These charts below accompany this 11/16 summary of the Whatcom County GE2016 Election. Click on charts and tables to enlarge. -RMF

The Blue, Red, and Purple: Clinton (~60K)  - Trump (~40K) for Whatcom County.
Some pre-certification numbers for Presidential Race in Whatcom County.
Clinton - Trump with red (CD1/2) and yellow (LD 40/42) precinct splits.
Some pre-certification numbers giving LD40 / LD42 Candidate splits in Whatcom County.
Five new County Council Districts with pins for split precincts. Some other precinct changes will result in merges with existing precincts that eliminate precincts 236 and 267. Below gives us a good look at District (2) North Bellingham:

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