Wednesday, November 14, 2018

News links for the Great Misdelivered/Undelivered, Three County Ballot Scandal....

This year I covered the four county area (SK,SJ,WM,IS) because of the pertaining appellate judicial race. In the middle of the election a "ballot scandal" developed. I think all three counties most affected recovered. Skagit is having a slow count because of a "folded ballot" issue. When SK ballots are counted, they should join the 75% turnout club as well. Here is where those four counties stand as of the evening of  11/14/2018: From

County Registered Counted Turnout To Count
Island 56,044 42,438 75.72%
San Juan 13,392 11,081 82.74% 70
Skagit 75,699 41,230 54.47% 15,000
Whatcom 143,179 110,057 76.87% 1


When the final ballots were counted, it should be noted that the Court of Appeals Division 1 District 3 race was much closer than it appeared at first before all of the Skagit results were tabulated.  It also worth noting  that LD 10 Position 2 is now currently separated by ~ 500 votes. There are currently still 1100 votes remaining to be tabulated in Skagit as of 2:15PM 11/16/2018.

Here are the news articles on the "Great Misdelivered/Undelivered Three County Ballot Scandal":

There's probably more to this story....

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