Sunday, July 14, 2019

Voters Coming and Going; Why an updated voter list is so important.

Above Julie Wise, election director for Seattle, scares all the suits and most us election geeks by forcibly describing the current lack of resiliency  and preparedness of  WA State new $9.5M Voter upgrade during a recent Senate State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections Committee meeting.

Left and Right: Top five counties in WA StateVoterIDs come an gone by status between 12/31/2018 and 4/30/2019. The left graph are those StateVoterIDs grouped by status from December that *are not* in the April VRDB. The right graph are those StateVoterIDs grouped by status from April that *were not* in the December VRDB. Click to enlarge the graphs. This panelized lattice chart is produced with data from rdata.table. R code for this article is here and is designed to compare two VRDBs with minimal memory use suitable for many 16 GB RAM laptops.

Between any two points in time there is always a strong 'flux' in the WA voter list.  But we don't know how strong that 'flux' is now, because a the $9.5M Voter update project (see also 1) has not produced a current VRDB for public consumption for 2.5 months despite the fact that ballots mail next week for WA PrimaryThis has caused some alarm as Auditor and Election director testimony as the hearing above shows. An examination of those StateVoterIDs between 12/31/2018 and 4/30/2019 shows exactly how much 'flux' there is between points in time in the WA voter database. Those voters (StateVoterIDs) in April VRDB  but not in December equals 72,869 . Those voters (StateVoterIDs) in December VRDB not in April equals 131,979. Click to enlarge the graph below which shows those old(left) and new(right) statuses at the time of VRDB was issued:

# R code here:

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