Friday, November 8, 2019

Post Election Day Ballots Counts for Election Week GE 2019 in WA

Ballot "Received Date" for WA as of 11/08/2019 from the 11/08/2019 state matchback.  I have chosen the last 20 days of ballot reception only. Horizontal lines at 100K, 250K, 400K. Click to enlarge the chart.

These are post election day of ballots counted (tabulated) as I have recorded them from . There are still 133K estimated left to count (tabulate). This week has really been quite a ride:

ElectionDate         Counted
ER.11.06.2019.12AM 1035011
ER.11.06.2019.6PM  1199503
ER.11.06.2019.8.39PM 1217468
ER.11.07.2019.12PM 1221808
ER.11.07.2019.7PM 1484065
ER.11.08.2019.815PM 1877878

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