Sunday, November 22, 2009

EBM in Village Books...

I just saw the most fascinating technology at Village Books: an Espresso Book Machine!!:

This machine will allow an author to "self-publish" on demand.  Imagine what this could mean for a town as politicized as Bellingham. Let us suppose you have a local subject of intense interest, say municipal growth and development.  You sponsor a small section of known authors on the subject and reserve a section for local authors who have seen fit to print pamphlets/books on the subject (e.g. "My fifteen year plan for the City of Bellingham").  You then leverage local interest on demand for local publishers/authors/community activists while presenting a  well rounded selection from traditional publishing houses!  How fantastic!!

Village Books is apparently ahead of the curve on this. On Demand Books list them as one of the few nationwide book sellers hosting this machine.

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