Saturday, December 12, 2009

Barack Obama's Nobel Acceptance Speech

I have never heard any thoughts so cynical, shallow, self-serving as our President's recent Nobel Prize acceptance speech.  "I believe that force can be justified on humanitarian grounds," commented that the most powerful leader of our Earth, voicing an empty, self-evident, mindless principal that our country has used to justify the slaughter of millions in this century. Whether in blatant colonialism (Philipines, Honduras,Guatemaula), Anti-communism (Koreas, Africa, Balkans), resource-grabs (Middle-East, South Asia), the United States has always justified force on humanitarian grounds.  American President's are at their most honest when they justify wars in "our national interests".  In his Nobel acceptance speech, Barack Obama eschewed a chance for honesty in order to justify genocide and imperialism behind the mask of self-righteousness.

The world has heard such logic before.  It will fool very few. For myself, it confirms the fallacy and failure of our Democracy. Barack Obama was elected as a protest vote to a barbarian regime. Once elected, the President found the temptation to drink from the chalice of the blood of third world too tempting to resist.  His will is weak. It is overcome by a need to forgive the genocidal violence our country has inflicted upon poor people of color across the third world so that it may justify our country's strategic conquest, oil and gas reserves, and economic control of this small sphere we call "Earth".  But perhaps now is the time to accept what has really happened on the stage of world politics for the last ten years.

In the year 2000, a small, realpolitik band of radicals supported by the money of American oil and gas cartels, used deception, terror and fraud to place their thugs in charge of our country.  Those thugs decided to rebuild the military might of America, without consequence to the wealth of our citizens, in order to wreck havoc upon the third world.  Partially thwarted in this effort (they have yet to invade Iran), they destroyed the economic might of the American middle class to prevent any further hampering of their efforts.  Their handmaidens in crime, the American financial elite, then elected a "left-wing" populist to continue their best efforts at "nation building" abroad.  Now they hope for public support and not cynicism for their anointed henchman.  I will not be so cynical as to suggest that Barack Obama's policies may not create wealth for our middle classes. Or at least I will not yet.

"I believe that peace is unstable where citizens are denied the right to speak freely... Only when Europe became free did it finally find peace. America has never fought a war against a Democracy...,Neither Americas interest or the world are served by the denial of human aspirations...The promotion of human rights can not be about exhortation alone," said our Nobel Prize winning President.  Such seemingly "nobel" and  innocuous words have been used for decades to justify American intervention in nearly every corner of the globe. Leaders in few countries will  be fooled by such rhetoric. 

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