Monday, April 5, 2010

Bloody Easter Sunday...

The "troubles" continue all around in the world - in Peshawar, Dir, Baghdad, Moscow.  All these cities hit by bombings that  killed and injured hundreds during "holy week".   And we ask why?

The major nuclear and economic world powers (China, Russia, United States) substituted sporadic nationalist/terrorist guerilla wars  for the old proxy wars at the start of this century.  More indirect and less traceable, such wars allow the leaders of their countries to blame internal violence on "terrorism" so as to crack down on domestic dissent; all the while scrubbing their hands of the violent networks they have historically developed and run.  These leaders want control of the strategic Middle East and South Asia.  If direct military intervention won't do, then politics, terrorism, bombings accomplish the same. Each side has their players, their objectives, their political dogma, their resources.  And they are strong enough to convince seventeen year-old bereaved Chechen widows to blow themselves up on Moscow subways and let Taliban soldiers waste their lives attacking well-guarded American consulates in Peshawar.

The world is an unsafe place for members of the third world who live on top of strategic oil and gas reserves. Where you find oil, wealth, and military bases you will find nationalist movements, violence, the small arms trade, fanaticism, and grinding poverty. And lots of spooks and assets. Tell me, are we not seeing now in these violent acts, the global build-up to the Iranian War?  And how, dear reader, do you think the next war will effect the economic health of your community?

BTW, Should you like to know what war would look like in Iran...

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