Thursday, June 17, 2010

"not well equipped to prevent...damage"

It could continue for quite awhile if we can believe William Engdahl or Vladimir Kutcherov.   I find it stunning that the oil industry response is to stress prevention and admit there is little hope for containment:

"Mr. Tillerson admitted that the only way to deal with major spills was to keep them from occurring. “The point is,” he said, “we have to take every step to prevent these things from happening, because when they happen we are not well equipped to prevent any and all damage. There will be damage. There is no response capability that will ensure that you won’t have an impact.”
For a moment, pretend that this was testimony from the management of Chernobyl or a future runaway nuclear accident. The world is wondering, "What do we do about this?" and (arguably) the highest paid oilman in the world says, "we are not well equipped" to prevent damage. In a 2008, Exxon and Chevron made $69 B in profits.  How is it possible that corporations this profitable don't have a good solution to an underwater blowout?

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