Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Table (in Bellingham, WA)

Editor's Note: "The Table" has been replaced with "100 North". I have not had chance to eat their yet. However, the Yelp Reviews are very enthusiastic. -RMF

"The Table at Night" (in Bellingham, WA)

There are remembrances I have in my life (almost all before child) of the near perfect night in a relaxed bistro tucked away in some corner of paradise, urban or not.  I remember many times hiking the day in Pt. Reyes, CA and then finding some elegiac ending to the day  at a small cafe in Fairfax, Marin County.  I have memories of long walks through Portland's  northwest corner only to end up dining in style at a some wonderful brewpub or Indian restaurant.  There have been days spent walking around the Green Lake or Ballard or Fremont neighborhood in Seattle or Golden Gate Park in San Francisco or college ave in Berkeley. All these days eventually ending at some small place that was informal, wholesome, welcoming, hip, full of the vitality of youth...and (most importantly) reasonably priced.

You can find such culinary experiences here in Whatcom County, but they are bit limited, hard to find and not always open late for dinner.  "The Table" (in Bellingham, WA) is such an experience and IT IS open late for dinner. Located right next to Mt. Baker theater, "The Table" boasts food so wholesome, your soul glows with happiness for at least a couple of hours after you consume their ($8!!) half portion of spaghetti that features Katie Hinton and Anna Rankin's Bellingham Pasta with pork/bison meatballs.  The fresh tomato sauce tastes like the chef composed it from hand picked fruit seconds before serving. I had with my meal a "lemongrass" soda, one of the lightest, least over-sweet, and most refreshing drinks I've ever consumed.

A great meal in a brilliant cafe gives the soul something it can't necessarily find elsewhere: a singular pause of some sort, perhaps a clear, elicit memory of youth staring back at you through the reflection of  lights in the surrounding downtown.  Marriage, parenthood, and middle-age bring us many gifts, but it is especially good to seek out experiences that make us remember the spirit and hope of our youth, even if they come wrapped in a pork/bison meatball!

The Table. 100 North Commercial Ave, Bellingham, WA.


Hanak said...

I absolutely agree. Good prices and food that leaves you glowing. Plus they are as legit local and organic as I have ever of.

J said...

I too agree! Great food, very reasonable priced, and child friendly as well! What more can one ask?