Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is this the spoilage? And thanks for your efforts in Whatcom County!

Having looked at these the latest  (certified) general election statistics this morning, now I have to ask:
(87,431 Ballots Returned) - (86,993 Total Ballots Cast)  = 438 spoiled ballots? That would be a pretty low percentage of spoiled ballots if so:  438/87431 = 0.005 or .5% (1/2 of 1%).  It would be interesting to know what the causes of this election's spoiled ballots are in any event.  Missing signatures, deceased voters, food spilled over the ballot?

 If that  is the percentage of spoiled ballots in the 2010 Election, "Vote By Mail" in Whatcom County may not have disenfranchised anyone. In any event, a fascinating and seemingly carefully run vote count this election. Lots of good data for the precincts on the Election websites, timely updates and much hard work to be sure to count all these ballots in Whatcom County. Thanks to the election team in Whatcom County for all your efforts!

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