Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whatcom County had 49,378 votes counted by 8:10 PM.!

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Well, I must have missed something. Whatcom County had 49,378 votes counted by 8:10 PM.! 
In Whatcom County, with 49,378 counted and 16,000 to count tomorrow, Patty Murray holds an 164 
point lead over Dino Rossi. If she wins, and it looks like she might, Whatcom County will have played
a part.  She's only ahead in nine counties tonight. We are one of them.  Rick Larsen  is doing just a 
little better than Patty with a mere with a 600 point lead (in Whatcom) over John Koster. Rick is 1429
votes ahead behind Koster on the strength of  Whatcom and San Juan Counties with 50% of the vote counted.
He is losing Island, Skagit, and Snohomish.  If these two Dems win their races, they will owe it to progressives
here in Whatcom County. Let us make sure they know this.

Both these races collected over 48,500 votes tonight, significantly more than state legislative races of 
Ericksen/Jerns, Overstreet/Jensen, Buys/Linville, each of which gathered nearly 35,000 votes per each

Because Whatcom County state legislative districts are divided  between the 40th and 42nd districts,
most of that 13,500 vote participation difference between the state  and federal races can thus be understood.
Nonetheless, it looks like the federal Democrats will ride to victory (just barely!) in this county, while the state
Democrats candidates here in the 42nd (Jerns,Jensen,Linville) apparently will go down to defeat so that Lytton 
and Morris can win in the 40th. What a difference Lytton's 2307 strong lead tonight would have made
for long-time incumbent Kelli Linville, who is losing to Vincent Buys by 1519 votes. That may be too much
for Kelli to make up in tomorrow's count, but it is hard to know. I find it surprising that Murray and 
(Rick) Larsen are squeaking out a lead tonight while (Tony) Larson is thumping Jean Melious by 
6020 votes. For all the heat he took for it, Tony's strategy of skipping debates to meet county folks paid off.
Who knew? Somebody did....

[Results for 11/2/2010 with 16,000 votes left to count:]

U.S. Senator Patty Murray 24371 48578 50.17
U.S. Senator Dino Rossi 24207 48578 49.83
U.S. Representative John Koster 23985 48570 49.38
U.S. Representative Rick Larsen 24585 48570 50.62
State Representative Pos. 1 Dan Kristiansen 4 6 66.67
State Representative Pos. 1 Eleanor Walters 2 6 33.33
State Representative Pos. 2 Kirk Pearson 5 5 100
State Representative Pos. 1 Kristine Lytton 7763 13219 58.73
State Representative Pos. 1 Mike Newman 5456 13219 41.27
State Representative Pos. 2 Jeff Morris 7698 13222 58.22
State Representative Pos. 2 John Swapp 5524 13222 41.78
State Senator Doug Ericksen 21256 34760 61.15
State Senator Pat Jerns 13504 34760 38.85
State Representative Pos. 1 Jason Overstreet 18959 34701 54.64
State Representative Pos. 1 Al Jensen 15742 34701 45.36
State Representative Pos. 2Vincent Buys 18239 34959 52.17
State Representative Pos. 2 Kelli Linville 16720 34959 47.83
Council District 1 Position B Jean Melious 18667 43354 43.06
Council District 1 Position B Tony Larson 24687 43354 56.94

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