Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fair Game!

"Fair Game", now playing at The Pickford Cinema in Bellingham, WA is a surprisingly engaging anti-war movie.  I learned quite a bit that was new to me, if the movie can be believed.  What do Daniel Ellsberg, Valerie Plame, and Julian Assange  have in common (besides high IQs, access to confidential information, and anti-war sentiment)? They have all been hunted and exposed by the White House. "Fair Game" is essentially the back story of a war-mongering Presidential administration hostile efforts to control CIA analysis. At times, the emphasis on this fact seems almost unbelievable and syrupy. The movie is peppered, as are Valerie Plame's and Joe Wilson available press interviews on youtube, with calls for citizens to have a commitment to creating a republic free of imperiousness and corruption. The premises of the movie have generated controversy (1,2,3,4) although Ms. Plame and Mr. Wilson have called the film an accurate depiction of events.  Sean Penn and Naomi Watts are dynamic as an embattled pair. Sam Shepard has a cameo role as Valerie Plame's father. Ms. Plame resigned from the CIA in 2006. She has worked lately on creating a movie "Countdown to Zero"  (available at Film is Truth in Bellingham, WA) that calls for disarming nuclear missiles and securing fissile material  across the world.

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