Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Wikileaks Crisis...

You can no longer donate to Wikileaks by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or Swiss Bank Accounts,  leaving bank transfers and postal transfers as your only option.   Neither would be very secure or anonymous in the USA, I would think.  In response to these Wikileaks accounts being shut down, "Anonymous" hackers are successfully launching DDOS attacks against these organizations (and others who have criticized Wikileaks) just in time to help shut down the the Christmas shopping season. The world has been slipping into a permanent state of electronic informational warfare for some time now.  The decision to prosecute ex-hacker Julian Asange is now directly responsible for putting the bodies of the electronic masses against virtual street barriers. And they've come armed with DDOS weapons.
As Asange languishes without bail in a notorious British prison for "'consensual sex' sex crimes" he claims he did not commit, world leaders fall out on one side or the other in support or condemnation of Wikileaks (Lula for, H.Clinton against). Meanwhile Wikileaks keeps publishing intercepted American diplomatic cables daily and gaining hundreds of supporting mirrors daily across the world. In response, the right wing attacks corporal Bradley Manning for his sexuality while most of us who are network security professionals wonder just how it was possible that an E-1 was able to copy 250,000 or so diplomatic cables wholesale.  This gets weirder and weirder by the minute....

At this rate, world global economic and political secrecy is about to be undone. Every fascist, fearful reaction from the American side is being met with mass electronic resistance. In the future, there will be more leaks and more fortifications and political society will begin to polarize around the issue of sharing critical information.   (This a "quagmire" that is sure to end nicely for all!)   I'm neither for or against Wikileaks at this point, although I admire their use of technology and their cheek.  The non-violent left in the U.S. has staged protest after protest to stop our genocidal wars in the Middle East. None of them has succeeded in antagonizing the United States as much as Wikileaks.

Local implementations of the  "wikileaks concept"  could be important for community politics. I have some number of mind-blowing, critical, documents (mostly PDRs) on political issues in Whatcom County, that I would like to submit to some centralized server and I know others do as well.  Local repositories of critical community documentation would be very helpful to those of us that have relocated here (or are thinking of relocating here) to get up to speed on the historical efforts of environmentalists, traffic calming,cancer rates, development planning, growth, business income, employment, the history of political movements, etc.  Perhaps someone needs to start and open-source project: "Wikileaks in a Box" for local community activists. 

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