Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrating May Day...

Yesterday, thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate International Worker's Day or May Day. Protest and celebratory marches took place in India, Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Demark, Russia, Dubai, China, Cuba, Australia, Columbia, Venezuela, Utah, California, Wisconsin, Oregon,  and Maine.  Amidst inane amounts of media coverage of the assasination of Osama Bin Laden, the media has missed what should be the most important story of this May Day:  the vapid expropriation of the surplus value of working classes : the theft capitalists grotesquely mislabel as 'profit'.  Reactionary idealogues are full of propaganda these days condeming 'government' or calling for 'free markets' or worrying about 'consumers'.

The problem of the world economy has little to do with 'governments' or the 'markets' or 'consumers', per se.  The problem is that capitalism is a deeply flawed ideology.  Unlike Democracy, capitalism allows for the accumulation of power in select groups and individuals, thus corrupting economic, legal and governmental systems.  The answer to this imbalance is the nationalization of all significant industries that accumulate excess capital (finance, oil, energy,health, insurance, telecom, pharma, etc.).  Most of these industries are 'monopoloid' in practice in any event and have little to do with capitalism or individual liberty.  Once control over these industries is returned to the people as nationalized ownership of those companies, that wealth and those assets can be controlled and returned to our country.  This benefit would allow us to control out-sourcing of jobs, pass protective legislation for workers and families, funnel our energy profits into cleaner more local sources of energy, and return economic control to local communities and the people. It is excellent to see our President finally starting to do what he should have done at the start:

(1) Support taxing the rich and start redistributing their wealth to the middle classes
(2) Support labor unions by any means necessary
(3) Belittle useless capitalist idiots like Donald Trump

This is a good start! Nationalizing finance,energy, banking, insurance, health, pharmaceuticals can come next, but it needs to be done with a strong layer of centralized economic planning designed to restore capital uselessly pumped in hedge funds and the stock market into high wage jobs for every American. I am a firm believer that we can still save this country from a bloody revolution if we institute a stronger regime of supporting labor, taxing the assets and income of the wealthy and developing centralized economic planning and control for every community. There are many people in middle America destitute and broke now. They are so sick of the obstructionists and leeches who are bleeding America dry that they would support much greater emergency economic powers for this President in his second term. Capitalism as it constructed in the United States is deeply flawed. It has reduced itself to securing profit through military might, induced poverty, grotesque financial manipulation, etc. So of course, our economy is now unstable and volatile. And wasteful. And inefficient. And failing families. And failing communities. We need to start a new and strong Marxist party here in the United States.  We need to admit that economies and companies we have created with our uncontrolled aspirations of wealth have now caused the world more harm than good.

Now if we can just get President Obama to stop engaging in imperialist wars like Afghanistan and Libya, he might fully have the support of all the working class and their families.

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