Monday, July 25, 2011

The Violent Manifesto of a 'Cultural Conservative'

"Regardless of the above cultural Marxist propaganda; I will always know that I am perhaps
the biggest champion of cultural conservatism, Europe has ever witnessed since 1950. I am
one of many destroyers of cultural Marxism and as such; a hero of Europe, a savior of our
people and of European Christendom – by default. A perfect example which should be
copied, applauded and celebrated. The Perfect Knight I have always strived to be. A
Justiciar Knight is a destroyer of multiculturalism, and as such; a destroyer of evil and a
bringer of light. I will know that I did everything I could to stop and reverse the European
cultural and demographical genocide and end and reverse the Islamisation of Europe."

The diary and Manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik is an extraordinary pathological, chilling and disturbed 1500 plus pages.  Largely the product of the absorption of reactionary and white supremacist dogma, Mr. Breivik hopes to become a martyr to his Anti-Jihad cause.  His manifesto is an explicit attack on secular liberalism, Marxism, and universalist ideology of all types.  It includes detailed instructions on bomb construction, arms purchase and training, and drug use for enhanced performance. I am surprised that (a) it has been published by the Washington Post and that (b) Mr. Breivik is so lucid and detailed in his writing. The specificity of his content and the details of his (apparently solitary) preparation are shocking.  Mr. Breivik's document is being compared to "The Unabomber Manifesto".  However, given the white nationalist message of Mr. Breivik's document, a more relevant comparison might be "The Turner Diaries". Mr. Breivik appears to be a Scandinavian version of Robert Jay Matthews, a Washington state based white-nationalist who founded The Order.  Unfortunately, we know quite a bit about the dangers of  white nationalism in Whatcom County and Washington State.  Perhaps, we should offer the Norwegians some help.

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