Friday, August 19, 2011

Whither the anti Coal Terminal voters?

Most of the Whatcom County Executive votes are in. It appears Bellingham voters will have a choice only between two men who favor the development  of the GPT Coal Port at Cherry Point. Just for kicks I analyzed how many precincts had votes whose sum total for David Stallheim plus Tom Anderson exceeded Doug Erickson's total. That number is 54 precincts. Here are the top ten precincts where the combined votes of Stallheim and Anderson exceeded Ericksen for each precinct:

Precinct -(DE-(DS+TA))
207 -230
236 -229
206 -216
245 -209
241 -168
212 -166
213 -165
244 -159
242 -154
122 -143

 A chart of such votes looks like this:

Interestingly enough, the total of all such votes (4130)  is very nearly the lead Ericksen has over Stallheim. It is useless enough to generalize about a primary that only attracts 37% of all voters. Still students, environmentalists, doctors, and Bellingham business people will be deprived of a vote against the Coal Terminal in the final election bar the entrance of a write-in candidate. I propose someone against the coal terminal run as a write-in candidate (if that is possible). The student vote alone will probably add another 32K votes for such a candidate. For many of us, Louws vs. Ericksen isn't much of a choice.

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