Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Bellingham is here!

Occupy Bellingham is here! and in 500 other cities including Washington D.C. and Wall Street. Occupy Bellingham is having a solidarity march Friday at the Federal Courthouse downtown from 4 - 7 PM:

The struggle in New York continues. The teamsters joined the march yesterday with other unions.  True to history, the Guardian is covering the event as thoroughly as any other American paper:

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Unknown said...

I'm a Bellingham writer who started writing a blog about the economic collapse a couple of weeks ago because I have been frustrated with the lack of work from the Justice Department to root out the people whose corruption brought on the "recession" that supposedly ended two years ago. I've been frustrated with the politicians who lack the vision necessary and the goodwill to work together to resolve the problem. AND I've been frustrated with the general population as I wondered aloud to a number of friends why no one was enraged about what was happening to our country, why no one seemed to care that our politicians were putting the full burden of the collapse onto the backs of all tax payers and while allowing fat bonuses to the culprits. It seemed like all of America was just sitting quietly on its hands for months and months while the greatest amounts of money ever printed in the history of the country were thrown to rich people to save them from hurting us ... with on one even having to report to Congress on where the money was going.

As I was getting the blog ready to launch, the "Occupy" movement began, and it has spred virally in just a couple of weeks. I've watched it with considerable interest because it seems to me it is the first glimmer of hope that the populace has finally had enough and is getting activated. I've posted links to articles about the movement on my blog and have been mentioning it in my own articles and promotion of the site. So, maybe my blog is coming out at the right time and place to find interest.

I've noticed critics in the press primarily speaking against the movement on the basis that "it doesn't know what it wants." Of course it does; it merely lacks specifics. The movement knows in general that it wants justice brought against the perps and that that isn't happening. It doesn't care who or how; it simply wants the government to get busy finding out who and figuring out how. It knows it wants fair regulations to create a more fair economy. It knows it is enraged against CEOs getting fat salaries for destroying their companies in many cases and destroying the entire global economy in others. It knows that it wants politicians -- Republican or Democrat -- to stop putting party politics ahead of responsible action in order to work toward some middle-ground that accomplishes something before it is too late.

These are all interests that I talk about in depth in my blog, where I am an equal-opportunity critic toward Republicans and Democrats alike. Likewise, I don't care whether a position is liberal or conservative. I care whether it works. I am thinking the site may be of interest to all people who care enough to be active and to voice outrage against the great injustices and greed that brought on this so-called "recession," which is really another economic depression that is still unfolding. It may be of interest not just for its commentary but for its collection of headlines from other news sites on these issues.

So, I'm sending you a link in case you might be interested and would certainly welcome your forwarding this to other likeminded people. To me, such underground press activity is part of what gets a movement going.

--David Haggith