Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In Whatcom County,at least 50% of us voted this year

So as of last night, nearly 105K ballots have been received. If they are all counted, that would mean that about 84% of Whatcom County's 125.5K registered voters did exactly that:


That percentage will probably be good enough to land us in the top five of all WA counties for turnout in an election that currently has a 75% state wide turnout with 179K worth of ballots still left to count.  Whatcom Couny's population is supposedly 203,633 as of 2011. But some documents have our 2012 population projected at 208K.  Still, that would mean that slightly over fifty percent of the population voted this year:


And that's a pretty big number.  At any cocktail party or beer garden, odds are more likely than not that the adult standing or sitting next you voted. That's probably worth remembering the next time you share a couple pints of imperial or oatmeal stout with some strangers at Boundary Bay!

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