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Fwd: GPT Coal Port & Boulevard Park; What's Next for GPT?

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GPT Coal Port's Impact on Boulevard Park; What Is Next for GPT?
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CWB's goal is to mitigate or eliminate negative impacts of the coal export project proposed for northwest Puget Sound on our quality of life, local economy, environmental health, and waterfront access.

May 2013

Coal Port Could Impact Boulevard Park, Cost Local Taxpayers.

What will happen to one of Whatcom County's most treasured and frequented parks if the GPT coal port is built? State documents indicate that a doubling of train traffic through Bellingham--which GPT would bring in just a few short years--will likely require a second track along this stretch of waterfront. As a result, the park's only vehicle entrance would be permanently closed to cars and pedestrians. The new track may also encroach on small, popular beaches. Read the full article. View graphic.

What Happens Next With GPT?

In the coming months, official agencies will determine what the "scope" of the Environmental Impact Study for the coal port will be--that is, exactly what will be studied and what won't. You can receive official updates on the process here. CWB, other citizen groups and many elected officials continue to call for a robust EIS that considers the full impacts of the project on the local economy, community health, quality of life and tribal rights. Read CWB's comments on the EIS here.

Debunking a GPT Myth: Trains Are Not Coming "Anyway."

GPT argues the port should be built since high-volume coal traffic through Whatcom County "is coming anyway." The facts say otherwise. Some increase in coal traffic to Canada could occur. However, only GPT guarantees more than doubling of current train traffic in just a few short years. View our graphic here. Read Sightline's updated analysis of the issue here.


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