Sunday, July 14, 2013

Port Commissioner District 1

Both Candidates for Port Commissioner 1 are actively writing about the Port of Bellingham. I encourage both candidates to continue to do so and encourage all readers to pose questions publicly and expect competent and informed answers. You can view Renata Kowalczyk and Dan Robbins commentary on the Port of Bellingham on their Google plus and Facebook pages:

Renata Kowalczyk

Dan Robbins

You can view the minutes of Port Commission meetings stretching back January 2009 here. This is my second post on Port Commissioner Races. In my first post, I have tried to establish why the Port Commissioner positions are so important for the direction of Whatcom County's economy. Critical issues are being decided now that will influence the direction of Whatcom County's economy for generations. Some examples from the June 18 Port Commission meeting include

Always something important going on at a Port Commission meeting these days!