Monday, September 9, 2013

Fwd: Rodney meets Scott

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Date: Sep 9, 2013 10:20 AM
Subject: Rodney meets Scott
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Dear Ryan,

When Wisconsin's union busting Governor Scott Walker was in Seattle on Thursday, guess who was first in line? State Senator Rodney Tom! We need to replace Rodney Tom with a true Democrat.

Rodney Tom claims to be a Democrat, but a real Democrat wants to meet Scott Walker as much as a Red Sox fan wants to wear a Yankees uniform to work.

Maybe Rodney was looking for new ideas. After all, during the past legislative session, Rodney's Senate Majority did their best to imitate Scott Walker and his ALEC agenda.

His troops launched attack after attack on Washington's workers – trying to repeal paid sick leave laws, lower the minimum wage, and weaken our workers comp system.

Can you donate $5 and help us elect a true Democrat to replace Rodney Tom?

Scott Walker's trip to our state reminds us that continuing attacks on working families and workers' rights can happen anywhere, even in Blue Washington.

Scott Walker is gone but the 2,000 wealthy conservative donors who attended his lecture are still here.

They will continue to fund candidates like Rodney Tom and encourage them to take the Scott Walker message to Olympia and into our local governments.

Tell Scott Walker and Rodney Tom – Not in Washington. Donate $5 and help us fight for working families today.

Thank you for your support,


PS: There's a lot going on in our world. But let's not forget that the Tea Party, Governors like Scott Walker, and legislators like Rodney Tom continue to grind away, every day, at our Democratic values. Don't let them get away with it - DONATE TODAY to the Washington State Democratic Party

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