Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fwd: Global Coal invades Whatcom County

Below is an 'urgent' message forwarded from Ken Mann. There has been a considerable amount of out of state election funding in WA so far this year;but that is neither new nor unusual. The "out of state funding" issue is prescient this year in Whatcom County because the County Council candidates are the "quasi- judicial" body charged with ultimately permitting Cherry Point development for GPT.  A number of other local blogs (Riley Sweeney, John Stark and Ralph Schwarz at the Herald, Dan McShane, Save Whatcom) are writing about this issue.  Total political contributions so far in WA stand at $60M according to the PDC. This number is still below the last non-Presidential election year (2011=$65.7M).

I have blogged about ALEC member contributions in the 2012 election. I've also blogged in a number of posts about "Carbon Club" influences in the Northwest Corner. Plug the term "carbon" into the search box at the top of this blog to return a collection of rants that have probably have ruined any available opportunity for me to consult for coal and oil companies.  Two notable posts might be:
The push to ship 54M short tons of coal from Cherry Point in the middle of a globally warmed climate from a population center (Bellingham, WA) that is as strongly environmentalist as any on the West Coast has created a cross fire zone of external financing. Shrapnel will be arriving on your airwaves, mailbox, internet.

Coal exports is not a simple issue. But it is has become a divisive and polarizing issue here and nationwide. This concern will most assuredly generate the most electoral heat until November 5th in Whatcom County.

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Date: Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 3:20 PM
Subject: Global Coal invades Whatcom County

Global Coal invades Whatcom County
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It finally happened.  Last night, we discovered that Global Coal Sales and Cloud Peak Energy have secretly and illegally funneled over $100,000 to our opponent through a network of hidden PACs. This is true and it is real - corporate coal has funded a hostile takeover of the Whatcom County Council.

That is where you come in - making (more) phone calls, knocking on (more) doors or making (more) donations to our campaign. We are going to beat Global Coal because we will amplify our existing grassroots effort.

Global Coal does not care about Whatcom County. I do, and I am always going to fight for our values - clean water, good jobs and safe neighborhoods.

We only have 18 days, between now and election day. It's going to be all hands on deck from here until November 5. With your support, we will win.

The best way to help is to TELL YOUR FRIENDS. People love scandals. Use social media. "Like" me on Facebook. If you can't take the time to fight Global Coal, please donate now so we can spread the word and take care of OUR community.

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