Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fwd: Help support the fight for socialism!

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Published by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)

Help support the fight for socialism!

Dear SEP supporters,
I am a appealing today to help support the World Socialist Web Site. The WSWS, the daily news publication of the SEP and the ICFI, is the voice of the international working class, it is the voice of opposition, and it is a source of truth and perspective amidst a mountain of media lies and government propaganda.
The capitalist crisis that erupted in 2008 is now in its fifth year, and the banks and corporations all over the world are intensifying their offensive against the working class. In the United States, the political representatives of the wealthy just finished with a two-week-long shutdown of the federal government.
The crisis atmosphere dutifully whipped up by the media has been utilized, as the WSWS predicted, to prepare the way for a renewed attack on Medicare and Social Security, the bedrock US social programs that keep millions of people out of poverty. After returning to work, it has not taken long for the collection of crooks in both big business parties, led by the Obama administration, to launch a new conspiracy against the working class. Throughout the country, workers are being told they must give up everything.
The political situation in the US is repeated in different forms in every country, from Greece and Germany to Russia and Brazil. The world economy has been propped up through massive infusions of cash into the financial systems by central banks, accompanied by an attack on jobs, wages and basic social programs. The conditions of life for the vast majority are being driven relentlessly backward.

There is an enormous chasm between official politics and the sentiments of the vast majority of the population, a chasm that reflects levels of social inequality that are greater than ever before. In official politics and its bought-and-paid-for media, the working class has no voice. It does have a voice, however, in the World Socialist Web Site and the Socialist Equality Party.
Earlier this month, the SEP held a demonstration in Detroit to oppose the plans of Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to sell off the art from the Detroit Institute of Arts. The strong response was an initial sign of a growing mood of resistance in the working class, and the initiative of the SEP was an initial step in giving this sentiment a political expression independent of and in opposition to the two big business parties and the entire capitalist system. However, there is a lot more to be done--in Detroit, throughout the country and around the world.
Please donate to the WSWS today. With no corporate sponsors or billionaire backers, we depend on your continued support. As always, every penny of your donation goes toward financing a website that you rely on every day.
Thank you,
Joseph Kishore
SEP National Secretary
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