Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"El distrito legislativo 42 ª necesita representación Hispana!"

Below is my quote of the week. I asked my wife to translate it for me but she wasn't quite sure, so I used google translate:

"El distrito legislativo 42 ª necesita representación Hispana!"
"The 42nd legislative district needs Hispanic representation!"

There is a facebook discussion started by John Stark at the Herald where he challenges those commenting to come up with a plan for Democrats to win WA 42nd Legislative  District senate seat, currently held by Republican Doug Ericksen. Here are my comments from that thread:
Last year Maria Cantwell 'won' in the 42nd by over 3000 votes. If I remember correctly, the 42nd also voted for Obama over Romney and Inslee over McKenna (just barely). Remember that the 42nd is a diverse district that includes a significant Hispanic population, a large chunk of Bellingham precincts, the Lummi, and many others The first step to victory is to stop thinking that Lynden, WA is representative of the 42nd District. It simply isn't and there aren't enough 600 series precincts to stop a determined Democrat who can reach out to all the voters in the 42nd. There are plenty of us that live in both Bellingham AND the 42nd who would like a change in representation. Put your 'Whatcom Wins' hats back on and find us a candidate! If Loretta Sanchez can represent Orange County,Anaheim,Santa Anna, then (By God) we can find a Democrat to represent the 42nd here.
Here are my data analysis comments from last years Democratic losses in the 42nd:
"Republicans Jason Overstreet and Vincent Buys have been creaming their Democrat opponents by 5,540 and 5,192 vote margins respectively in WA 42nd LD...But curiously, Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell is leading her Republican candidate in those same 120 42nd LD precincts by 3,716 votes. .... Senator Cantwell even has a higher average per precinct return than candidate Baumgartner for 42nd LD precincts..."
I don't think the 42nd is hopelessly Republican at all. I also don't think another Kelli Linville (moderate Democrat) can win there.  I am going to assume the Republicans, in fear of losing conservative representation after this year's Democratic victory, will circle the wagons and retrench next fall. The oil companies and ALEC donors will probably double down with incumbent Ericksen. In this environment, a moderate would be attacked and berated to the point of weakness at election time.  What we need is something like a Loretta Sanchez for Whatcom County: a progressive, a woman of color, a strong liberal Democrat. Maybe the ideal candidate would be one part Lummi and one part Hispanic; speak both languages and travel in all three worlds with grace - Hispanic, Lummi, liberal white Democrats!  Please: Somebody find me that candidate!

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