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Fwd: RE: You did it once, now let's do it again!

Below the break, Robin Everett of the Sierra Club talks about stopping the Coal Port in Longview, WA. -RMF

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Dear Ryan,
This fall our goal was to send a clear message to Big Coal: We simply will not allow coal exports through Longview or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.
Over 3,000 people attended hearings in Tacoma, Longview, Vancouver, Pasco and Spokane, wearing red to say "no" to coal, letting it be known that we will not let Big Coal come through with a wrecking ball to our climate, our health, and our communities.
And over 5,000 people have submitted comments to state and federal leaders urging them to do a broad review of the risks of coal exports through the Northwest—to study the economic, health, safety, and environmental risks to our communities while performing their environmental study for Ambre Energy and Arch Coal's proposed 44 million ton per year coal terminal in Longview. 
We have one opportunity to voice our opposition to this terrible proposal before the breadth of the review is decided.
You have yet to submit your comment and time is running out. The comment period ends on Monday!
Keep the pressure on Big Coal and ensure we stop this terrible proposal to build a coal terminal in Longview, WA. Send your comment now!
Thanks for all you do for the environment,
Robin Everett
Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club

Demand a broad review of all impacts for the proposed Longview coal terminal!
Coal Trains
Send Your Letter
Last week, the state of WA announced that they will stand up for our health and environment by giving the Cherry Point coal export proposal a vigorous review.
This is a huge victory in our fight against coal exports. But the fight is far from over.
The environmental review process is underway for a proposed 44 million-ton coal export terminal in Longview, WA. We must ensure that the Cowlitz County Council, Washington Department of Ecology and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requires a broad review of all the impacts for this proposed coal terminal -- just as they did with Cherry Point.
Send a comment to local, state and federal agencies and ask for a broad review of coal export impacts for the Port of Longview!
We have already defeated three out of six coal terminal proposals in the Northwest. That's why big coal is so desperate to make sure this proposal does not get the vigorous review that the Cherry Point proposal will receive.
Their coal export options are dwindling and you can bet they will do everything in their power -- more than they have to date -- to stop our efforts to protect our communities and region from the dangers of coal.
That's why we need you to take action and demand that any coal export proposal receives an extensive review to protect the citizens of the Northwest.
Send a comment to government agencies and request a broad review of coal impacts from the proposed coal terminal at Longview!
Even if Longview is a long way away from your community, you will likely see impacts right in your own back yard! 
Communities across the region, from Billings, MT, to Spokane, to Vancouver, WA will be affected by the consequences if this terminal is approved.
Coal dust and diesel particulates will damage our air and water quality, delay traffic and emergency response at train crossings and impact local businesses on Main Street. Fishing and agriculture will be harmed by coal train pollution and exporting coal overseas will accelerate climate disruption.
Decisions that will impact our way of life for generations are going to be made and we cannot afford to be left out of the process -- too much is at stake.
Send your comment today and protect your family, neighbors and community from the dangerous Millennium Bulk Logistics Terminal proposal!
Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,

Robin Everett
Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club

P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues!
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