Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Omen for the New Year?: Casselton, North Dakota Train Derailment Explosion

Sightline's series on coal and train transportation in the Northwest is here. This is the third or fourth major oil train explosion in recent months (See here and Endnotes below). The increased rate of oil train derailments and subsequent explosions is probably the result of increased shipments of fracked shale oil. The fracking of shale oil is a clear result of our failed attempts at developing non-carbon based energy economy.

Watch the video above Bhammers. Then imagine this explosion on a double sided rail track passing through Boulevard Park. The Casselton derailment happened because a wheat train derailed while passing an oil train. Imagine a coal train derailing an oil train in front of all those beautiful new condos next to Boulevard Park.  An explosion like the one above would probably blow out all the windows in those condos. Some of those condos would probably catch fire. If you were sitting on your Bellingham Bay deck watching the San Juan Islands view in your slippers one morning with your locally roasted cup of coffee, you and those slippers would toast in seconds! Happy New Year Bhammers. Wake up and smell the crude oil!

[Some recent oil train explosions]

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