Saturday, January 4, 2014

Boeing Machinist Vote (Part II)

The summary page for "The Boeing Company". Boeing has (at least) ten different business names listed in when you search for the term "Boeing". Together they provide for billions of dollars of federal contracts....
Newspapers are reporting a slim  600 margin "Yes" vote on the latest pension smashing contract offer. There is an excellent interview with IAM 751 Machinist Shannon Ryker here that offers details on how low starting pay is for most machinists at Boeing already. The exiting Boeing CEO looks like a real tool and a well paid one at that [1,2,3,4].

So here is how capitalism works patriots! Tax payers finance the largest aerospace contractors in the world (like Boeing!). Your elected military/intelligence/government officials hire fat cats to degrade the unions so their corporations can secure ever more profit.  These corporations proceed to behave with unlimited power and arrogance. After the federal tax payers pay their salaries, WA state still has to chip in $9 B in tax breaks to keep them from jumping ship. Meanwhile, the middle class is still being driven into submission.

Why do we let the rich bleed us so? Isn't nationalization exactly what is called for here? Why shouldn't the workers and the people of the United States own Boeing? Tell me how any of us couldn't do a better job than this. When, in god's name, are we going to change this kind of crap?

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