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Fwd: Fracking or renewable energy?

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Subject: Fracking or renewable energy?

Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox Dear Friends,
We know we need to develop renewable energy, not more fracking. But the oil and gas industry is doing everything they can to keep our country addicted to fossil fuels.
Right now, they're trying to exploit the tensions between the Ukraine and Russia to frack more communities here and export natural gas overseas.
Below is a message from our friends at Food & Water Watch, asking that you tell your Senators to invest in renewables instead of creating more export facilities for big oil and gas.
We need to take a stand now before billions of dollars are spent and infrastructure is built that will keep us reliant on another dirty fossil fuel for decades to come.
Thanks, Lee Ziesche, Gasland Grassroots Coordinator

From Food & Water Watch:
The oil and gas industry and their cronies in Congress are using escalating tensions between the Ukraine and Russia to push President Obama to dramatically expedite the approval of U.S. exports of natural gas. Recently, the Obama Administration approved a natural gas export facility on the coast of Oregon.
But the truth is that increasing oil and gas exports to other nations will only accelerate fracking here at home, transforming rural and impoverished communities into sacrifice zones while endangering public health, natural resources and local economies.

And this plan directly contradicts the oil and gas industry's own leading talking point – I'm sure you've heard it – creating American energy independence. This push shows the oil and gas industry's true colors – they want to risk the health of U.S. communities in order to increase their corporate profits.

The real solution? We need to invest in long term, sustainable renewable energy at home and abroad. Tell your Senators that it's time to invest in renewables, not increase exports of fracked gas.

Your voice is more important now than ever as this push for gas exports gains momentum. A recent New York Times² article reports that voices of those opposed to exports "have fallen to the sidelines in the rush" for greater exports. 

Let your Senators know that your voice to protect communities from fracking will not be silenced. 

Fracking exports will only exacerbate climate change and leave American communities with a toxic legacy, while putting more money into the oil and gas industry's already bursting coffers. Instead of spending money on the infrastructure needed to export oil and gas, those dollars would be better invested by creating a truly sustainable energy infrastructure.
In order to protect our communities, our economy and the health of Americans, our Senators should reject oil and gas exports. Tell your Senators to protect our communities, not big oil and gas interests.
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
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