Friday, April 11, 2014

Oso Landslide Part IV: "How Politics Buries Science..."

"The entire federal budget for landslide research is $3.5 million a year — far less than the property value lost on a single day when 17 mansions slid down a hill in 2005 in Laguna Beach, Calif. (For comparison, $3.5 million is about the same amount Medicare spends per month buying penis pumps for men with erectile dysfunction.)"
from How Politics Buries Science in Landslide Mapping by Bill Dedman NBC News 

Above: Screenshot from Landslide Mapping an Unfinished Task by Tony Schick for EarthFix

Above: After slide LiDAR PDF of Oso, WA. Contributed by  Sandi Doughton, The Seattle Times 

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Aerial History and LiDAR of the Stilliguamish Blocking Landslide by Dan McShane

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